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6 Day Lut Desert Tour | Expedition through the Largest Desert in Iran 2021-2022



6 days 5 nights

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Desert Tour, Experience, Immersion Tours

Tour Highlights

Adventure desert safari in Lut desert (UNESCO world heritage site) Camping in heart of the desert The starry sky of Dasht-e-lut Visit sand dunes in the center of the desert Enjoy kalouts and egg hills during the expedition and a lot more that you will find out during your adventure

Tour Include

Service to obtain the Iran visa tracking code
5 nights’ Accommodation in tent or desert camp
5 Breakfasts, 5 Picnic lunches, and 5 dinners in the desert
English Speaking guide
Off-road vehicle
Travel Insurance

Tour Exclude

International Airfare
Visa stamp fee
Entrance fees to the attractions
desert activities’ fees
Tips & Portages
Extra fee for Americans, Canadians, and the English

About this Tour

Very few know the way to enter the heart of Dasht-e Lut (UNESCO World Heritage Site), the largest Iranian desert, the destination of this extraordinary expedition. A place that until a few years ago was absolutely inviolate, an unavoidable experience for lovers and connoisseurs of deserts. As in all deserts, even in the Dasht-e Lut the landscapes change constantly and offer a series of surprising scenarios. Rock, sand, salt, water, and wind have generated a multiplicity of suggestive landscapes. The north of Lut is made up of volcanic hills, sand, and gravel. The central area consists of Egg hills and Canyon, while the southern part has salt and kalouts.

In this tour, we talk about a “real adventure” continuing with a 4×4 vehicle expedition in the Dasht-e Lut: we will go deep into the heart of this vast and mysterious desert- a real “forbidden zone.” This tour is suitable for 15 to 60-year-old travelers. In this tour we will sleep 5 nights in tents under a beautiful starry sky, accompanied by our staff of expert drivers with their 4WD off-road vehicles and professional guides.


The Dasht-e Lut is a desert that you should visit in cool seasons like autumn and winter. Essential things you really have to make sure to take with you when planning to explore this desert are drinking water, snacks, warm clothes, light clothes, visor hat, snickers, power bank, rubbish sack, backpack, first-aid kit, ID card, sunglasses, and suncream.

Our specialists can help you by adding this experience to most of our classic Iran tours; therefore you can enjoy cultural places and museums as well as the boundless desert of Iran in one package.


Day 1: Kerman - Dasht-e lut
Day 1:  Kerman - Dasht-e lut

After breakfast, we set off towards the north across a plain that soon leads to the first dunes and enters the real desert, the Dasht-e Lut.
Today we will drive among beautiful sand shaped rocks which have created splendid sceneries and sandy hills with sharp ramps. We enter the magnificent area of kalout, imposing clay formations hardened by salt and shaped by the wind, real mud castles that are lost on the horizon. The landscapes from the top of the dunes are truly unforgettable. We will drive between 30 to 40 Km in this part of the desert. Overnight in Kalouts. (in a tent).

Day 2: Visiting Volcanic Stones platform and Salt River in Gandom Beryan area
Day 2: Visiting Volcanic Stones platform and Salt River in Gandom Beryan area

We head north, towards the famous location of Gandom Beryan, a large plateau covered with dark lava. In fact, the highest temperature on earth was recorded here is 70.7 °C. Most of the visitors have said it looks like the surface of another planet. Salty plains and rivers, stone valleys and colorful mountains are some of the multiple and unexpected landscapes that we will explore. Stay overnight in a tent in Gandom Beryan.

Day 3: Half-day tour of Egg hills area
Day 3: Half-day tour of Egg hills area

On this day we will drive among the most beautiful egg-shaped hills(10 km driving). We walk along interdunal corridors, climb gigantic mountains of sand that look like "whalebacks" on foot, cross sharp ridges, and steep sandy slopes. Then drive to the Lut Canyon (100 Km) stay Overnight in Lut Canyon in a tent.

Day 4: Enjoy Lut Canyon
Day 4: Enjoy Lut Canyon

After breakfast, visiting Lut Canyon for 3 hours. There are sandy and clay valleys. In length, they extend for about 150 km from northwest to southeast, while in width for about 70 km from west to east and can reach 120 meters in height. Then drive to Malek Mohammad Mountain and swamp lake area (50 Km). We will dedicate the best part of our day to walk in the silence of this magnificent place. Then drive to Sand dunes. Stay overnight in a tent.

Day 5: Marvelous Star-shaped sand dunes
Day 5: Marvelous Star-shaped sand dunes

Driving among the high pyramid sand dunes which is a vast area and spend our full day there. Here we can admire the high Star-shaped sand dunes, which is often similar to the pyramid, which creates Star-shaped structures. We reach the eastern part of Lut, an area of ​​about 10,000 sq km called Rig-e Yalan by the locals. This area has an extension of about 150 km from north to south and about 70 km from west to east. It is a pure erg, that is, an area of ​​sand dunes, some of which can reach several hundred meters in height, up to 300 meters and beyond.
Stay overnight in a tent.

Day 6: Drive back to the main road and Kerman
Day 6: Drive back to the main road and Kerman

After breakfast in the desert, we drive back towards Kerman. We leave the silences and boundless spaces of the Lut Desert to return to civilization.
You leave the desert with unique memorable moments and hundreds of Awesome Pictures!


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