25 Days Iran Holiday Package in Spring
25 days 24 nights


25 days 24 nights

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25 Days Iran Holiday Package in Spring

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Spring is the best time to Travel to Iran! Special Event and Festivals, such as Nowruz New Year Ceremony, Rose Water Ceremony and etc. make every tour magical and fantastic. Although Iran is a Four season country, but there are things that you can experience only in Springtime !

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Service to obtain the Iran visa tracking code

24 Nights’ Accommodation in 4 and 3-star Hotels

Breakfasts at hotel

Travel Insurance (insurance rate may change based on the traveler’s age)

English Speaking guide

Licensed driver

Transportation and transfers based on itinerary

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International Airfare

Visa stamp fee

Entrance fees to the attractions and activities cost

Extra meals

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Day 1: Tehran
Iran Salam! Arriving to the capital of Iran, Tehran, this city locates in the center of land of Persia. Tehran has been Iran capital after the Qajar Era. In this dynasty Tehran has been developed and Qajar Kings have built so many Gardens-Palaces and also museums there. Now a days Tehran has the most giant buildings in Iran too. The symbol of Tehran is Azadi Tower which means the tower of Freedom and Milad Tower. Arrival in Tehran and based on arrival time we’ll visit Azadi Tower and Tehran Grand Bazaar enjoying the vibe of Persian traditional business. Overnight in Tehran.
Day 2: Tehran
Breakfast then we’ll go to Golestan Palace-Garden, the Shamsol Emareh palace. Shamsol Emareh means the building of the sun; it’s the most beloved palace of Golestan Complex. 7 Qajarid King and 2 Pahlavid King have held the crowning ceremony there. Then we’ll visit the Historical-Time Tunnel at National Museum of Iran, there you can have an aspect of Iran’s history within the time. There are objects from thousands of years ago up to now.
Day 3: Tehran – Masuleh
Drive toward Masuleh, passing from Qazvin, visiting Saadol Saltaneh caravanserai and Qazvin Bazaar, Overnight in Masuleh.
Day 4: Masuleh – Fuman
Visiting Masuleh beautiful village, enjoying walking around, dressing like locals and then drive to Fuman, visiting Tea Farms (based on time), overnight in Fuman.
Day 5: Fuman – Qaleh Rudkhan – Rasht
Visiting Qale Rudkhan Castle, picnic in Nature then drive to Rasht, overnight in Rasht.
Day 6: Rasht – Ardabil – Sarein
Drive toward Ardabil through Caspian Seashore, visiting Bandar Anzali and Anzali Lagoons on the way. Ardabil is a city with history of 3000 years locating near to the Silk Road, which was once one of the main roads in the north sides of Iran. Today we’ll visit Safi Aldin Ardabili Mausoleum/ Shrine, where the first founder of Safavid Dynasty is buried. What makes this monument so unique to be UNESCO world heritage site, is its lovely tiling, gold works, paintings. The inner side of its vault is very eye-catching. There used to be 2 silk Persian carpets in this mausoleum with worldwide fame. In the afternoon drive to Sarein and spending time in warm spas. Overnight in Sarein.
Day 7: Sarein, Tabriz
Drive to Tabriz from Sarein, Tabriz is selected for 5 continuous years as the best city to live in Iran. The people speak Turkish rather than Farsi and their Turkish is different from the Istanbul Turkish language. In Tabriz, we’ll visti Tabriz Bazaar, which is the longest roofed Bazaar in the world. This bazaar consists of different parts for different trades such as Gold, Rugs, Ceramic, Shoes. Then we’ll spend the noon in El Goli (Shah Goli). Elgoli was first a place for providing water for Tabriz Gardens and in time it turns into a park with a nice handmade lake and a summerhouse inside it. We can have lunch in the summer house which is restaurant now. In the afternoon we’ll visit Kabood Mosque of Tabriz (Jahan Shah Mosque) which is famous as Islam’s turquoise dating back to 400 years ago. Overnight in Tabriz.
Day 8: Tabriz, Kandovan, Maragheh
Drive to Kandovan, spending some hours visiting this handmade village which has a unique architecture and also a lovely nature. Then drive to Maragheh, there we’ll visit Gonbad-e Kabood, the symbol of Maragheh. Overnight in Maragheh.
Day 9: Maragheh, Takhte Suleyman, Zanjan
Drive to Takhte Suleyman, a complex of Fire Temple, and Church. Its historical name is Azargoshnasb and from Sassanid era it was a sacred place. It is said that this place is one of the energy centers of Earth. Drive to Zanjan. Overnight in Zanjan.
Day 10: Zanjan, Soltaniyeh, Hamedan
Drive toward Hamedan, en-route visiting Soltaniyeh the Tomb of Uljaitu, one of the Mongol Kings. He built this place for himself which had the most giant vault for hundred years. Later the church of Santa Maria Delfiore in Florence, Italy was built with the same plan but bigger. The tiling of Soltaniyeh Dom is very famous and splendid, designed with the name of God. In Hamedan, we’ll visit Tomb of Esther and Mordekhay, Ibne Sina and Baba Taher. Overnight in Hamedan.
Day 11: Hamedan, Kermanshah
Drive toward Kermanshah, visiting Bistoun, where we can find the Achaemenid bas-relief with three language and one of them is ancient Persian inscription. They are all written and carved by the order of Darius the great. There we can also visit the sculpture of Hercules. Then we’ll visit Taghe Bostan, the ancient bas relief of Sassanid Era. The Sassanid king receiving the ring of power from the god. Overnight in Kermanshah.
Day 12: Kermanshah, Shush
Drive to Shushtar, visiting Falakol Aflak Citadel. Chogha Zanbil Temple, the first UNESCO world heritage site. This ziggurat was built in 5 floor and was a place to worship the Elamid God who took care of Susa. Overnight in Shush.
Day 13: Shush, Shushtar, Shush
Visiting the Shushtar Hydraulic System is our next destination, there we’ll visit one of the greatest water systems of the country which is joined with waterfalls, bridges and etc. Then we’ll visit Danial Tomb, the prophet. At last based on time we might visit the Susa Castle (Acropolis) which was built by the French people and in its construction, they have used bricks of Chogha-Zanbil and Apadana palaces. Overnight in Shush.
Day 14: Shush – Shiraz
Drive toward Shiraz, enjoy Yasuj nature on the way and stop to take small rests. Overnight Shiraz.
Day 15: Shiraz
In Shiraz we’ll have a half day tour visiting Hafez Mausoleum, a poet who lived in Shiraz and dedicated his life to write mysterious poems which are mostly about love of God. Goethe the famous German poet had a special respect and love for Hafez. Based on time we’ll visit Shah Cheragh Shrine. In Persian language Cheragh means Light, Shah Cheragh shrine is full of lights and mirror arts in this shrine makes the light twice beautiful and glowing. Overnight in Shiraz.
Day 16: Shiraz
After Breakfast early in the morning we will go to Nasir al Molk Mosque, visiting the colorful masterpiece which is also known as pink mosque and Narenjestan Qavam, a royal Qajar house with lovely mirror art and paintings. Walking in the old part of Shiraz, visiting Vakil Bazaar. Saraye Moshir is a famous part of Bazaar, which sales beautiful stones and jewelry. Then we will visit Eram Botanical Garden, which is the most famous and beloved garden in Shiraz. Overnight in Shiraz.
Day 17: Shiraz – Pasargadae
After Breakfast, we will drive to visit Persepolis, the beautiful ceremonial capital of Achaemenid dynasty, a complex of palaces, joining together to be the masterpiece remaining from 2500 years ago and then Necropolis (Naghshe Rostam) tombs of great Achaemenid Kings and bas reliefs of Sassanid period. Visiting Pasargadae and overnight in a local house there. O/N in Pasargadae.
Day 18: Pasargadae – Mahan
Drive to Mahan visiting Rayen citadel, one of the greatest mud brick monuments of the world. This citadel dates back to Sassanid Era (about 1700 years ago). Overnight in Shazdeh Garden in Mahan, and visiting this Persian garden which was built in Qajarid Era and is one of the UNESCO Persian Garden sites. Overnight in Kerman.
Day 19: Kerman-Yazd
After breakfast we’ll drive to Shahdad desert, to see beautiful Kaluts laying on loot. A fascinating attraction of Kerman. Drive to Yazd, In Yazd, we’ll visti Amir Chakhmaq Square, the main square of the city, which is surrounded with Bazaar, Bath, mosques and Ice houses. In the night So many Stars in the sky are waiting to be your eye’s guests. Breathing fresh air in the Yard of your hotel and enjoying the stars would be very pleasurable. Overnight in a traditional hotel in Yazd.
Day 20: Yazd – Isfahan
Today we will visit Yazd Jame Mosque, the main mosque of Yazd, with a splendid tile work. Zoroastrian Fire Temple, there is a fire inside this temple which is burning for 2000 years and Tower of Silence a place where Zoroastrian used to leave dead bodies. Visiting Dolat Abad Garden, a UNESCO world heritage Persian garden site, that has a summer house with a very tall wind tower, On the way we’ll visit Naein Jameh mosque which is one of the first Mosques of Iran. Drive to Isfahan, overnight in Isfahan.
Day 21: Isfahan
Breakfast at Hotel, then heading to Beautiful Naghshe Jahan Square, Imam and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Ali Qapu palace, Qeysarieh portal, Chehel Sotoun, they are all remaining from Saffavid era to show their Islamic art skills. In Naghshe Jahan Square you’ll have time to see handmade products and explore shops. The most recommended and beloved Iranian handmade products are Iranian colorful and qualified carpets. Then let’s explore nightlife in Isfahan starting with Khaju Bridge and Sio Se Pol Bridge Overnight in Isfahan.
Day 22: Isfahan – Abyaneh
We will visit Jame Mosque, afterward we will visit Vank Cathedral and Music Instrument Museum (based on Museum time limits) in Jolfa region. Jolfa is a part of city which is known as Armenian residence region of Isfahan, there you will have time for relaxing and drink a cup of coffee. Drive to Abyaneh and spend the afternoon in this red style village, visiting people and their colorful dresses. Overnight in Abyaneh.
Day 23: Abyaneh – Kashan
Having breakfast, then driving to Kashan. In Kashan we will start our city tour with Tape Sialk, a hill which was the first residential area of developing Men in Iran. Visiting Tabatabaei traditional house, A Qajari style house with remarkable ornaments. The houses of Kashan seem to be very simple from outside but once you get inside you find yourself in a heaven. Then we’ll visit Kashan Bazaar. Overnight in Kashan.
Day 24: Kashan –Qom
Early in the morning drive to Tehran, visiting Maranjab desert and Salt Lake on the way. In Qom, we’ll stop to visit one of the most beautiful shrines in Iran, Masuma or Fatima Shrine. Overnight in Qom
Day 25: Good Bye Iran
Transfer to IKA to get back home.

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25 Days Iran Holiday Package in Spring

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