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During this Special Interest Tour, you’ll travel to Qaneyat Zafaran farms, live like local people in Ghayenat. This tour is also a fascinating opportunity to take a trip to Iran Villages such as Makhunik or Forg. This Iran Farm Tour starts from Birjand in South Khorasan, Based on your request FriendlyIran Tour Operators will book you domestic transportation such as flights to Birjand. Instead of Accommodation in Ghayenat, we suggest you book traditional guest houses in Birjand.

About this Tour

Saffron the Red Gold, the most expensive spice in the world, is one of the species of Iran.

More than 80% of the world’s Saffron demand is supplied by Iran saffron farms and head chefs all over the universe take advantage of this holy spice in their food.

Saffron or Zaffaron is the secret to give foods and beverages a pleasing taste, lovely red or yellow color, and a delightful smell.

In Iran saffron is mainly used with rice and tea, and also to give flavor and smell to foods containing meat, shrimps, and other seafood.  Besides all the heavenly taste, color, and smell of saffron, it is so good for moderating the heartbeat for those who have blood pressure, decreasing menstrual pains, helps for a good sleep and it is simply antidepression.

Where are Iran Saffron farms?

Saffron is grown in warm and dry weather, where the summer is always sunny and hot and has a dry and moderate winter. In Iran, the saffron is mainly coming from the northeast, in the central area of Khorasan Province. The most famous Saffron farm city is Qaenat.

In addition to Khorasan province, in other regions of Iran, like Kerman, Fars, and Hamedan province, there are some vast saffron fields.

How to visit Iran saffron farms?

Ghaenat city with the best saffron locates 5 hours far away from the main city of Mashhad. There are several flights a day from Tehran and other capital cities to Mashhad and return.

Also, with Qatar Airways and Turkish international airlines direct flights to Mashhad, you can fly directly to Mashhad, visit saffron farms. By the time you are in Iran, It’s so recommended to continue your journey to the other cities and visit the classic route and beautiful sites of Shiraz, Yazd, Isfahan, and Tehran.

Tour Include

Service to obtain the Iran visa tracking code
2 Nights’ Accommodation in Birjand Eco-lodge
English Speaking guide
Travel Insurance (Insurance rate may change based on the traveler’s age)

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International or Domestic Airfare
Visa stamp fee
Entrance fees to the attractions
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Day 1
On the first day, explore saffron culture. Visit a saffron farm to see how it's grown and harvested. Wander through Birjand's lively markets, tasting saffron-infused dishes and soaking in the sights and smells of the spices. Wrap up the day with a workshop to learn more about saffron grading and its uses.
Day 2
Day two offers a chance to explore Birjand further. Take a trip to the scenic saffron fields surrounding the city. Explore historic sites like the Arg-e Jadid Fortress and the Ganjali Khan Complex. Wind down with a peaceful walk-through Birjand’s gardens, reflecting on the beauty of saffron and its significance.
Day 3
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Iranian Saffron Farm Tour

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