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Surf in Blue Persian Enamel Art



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Experience, Immersion Tours, Solo Woman

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Persian Enamel Learning is the perfect match for the Esfahan Tours. Creativity, colors, and fun will make you a lovely experience of learning Iranian Enamel Art. Meeting masters of Enameling art, knowing the difference between good and bad Mina art, try to make your own masterpiece if you like!

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Tourist Guide
Meeting the Persian Enamel Workshop

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About this Tour

Enameling is a Persian art with thousand years of history, which was first invented to decorate old dishes. This handicraft is an art of drawing individual patterns on metals like copper, silver, and gold. The base color of dishes usually is blue, which is to remind people of the sky, but other colors like red and green are used as base occasionally.

Today, the center of Mina-kari or Enameling is in Isfahan; still, in other cities, so many people do this art for their interest or as a job.

You can know more about the history of Mina, the history of patterns, the theory of colors, and also how to make a Mina in a short half-day tour either in Esfahan or Shiraz with an English-speaking guide.

Based on time, we can organize a small course of learning Enameling art with a master.


Know-how Persian Enamels are made
Know-how Persian Enamels are made

This half-day experience in Shiraz or Esfahan begins with visiting an Enamel workshop and meeting a professional artist with an English speaking tourist guide.
We’ll hear about the Persian Enamel art the history and mysteries of each dish. There you will see how an enamel dish (plate or vase) is made and designed.
If you like you can try doing some enamel work with tips and guidance of a master, or you can seriously start your short course of learning Enamel art!


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