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Parasailing in Kish Island



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Kish Island

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Kish Island

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Experience, Without Visa

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Family water sport Relaxing and Calming Experience

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About this Tour

Experience flying over the seas!

One of the most fun experiences in Kish is parasailing! Exciting and relaxing at the same time! In Parasailing, also called Parakiting and Parascending, you’ll be tied to a parachute and pulled by a powerful boat until you soar above the sea.



Parasail in Kish Island

This fun and safe activity is the families’ top choice to enjoy the overwhelming view of the Persian Gulf.

In parasail, a harness is tightened around your feet and you’ll be joint to a balance rod. While the boat starts to speed up you’ll rise to the sky. Changing clothes for parasailing is not necessary and you can choose to be dipped in water or not.

Capacity: 2 people (based on weight)
Type: Relaxing – Easy
Duration: 6 minutes
Age limit: +10 (based on size)


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