Step Into a Haven for Food Lovers in Iran (A Culinary Tour)
Half Day (3 to 4 Hours)


Half Day (3 to 4 Hours)

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Step Into a Haven for Food Lovers in Iran (A Culinary Tour)

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Dive into Iran’s delicious world beyond typical tourist spots. From the flavors of the South to the freshness of the North, our journey explores diverse dishes reflecting the country’s unique traditions. Join us in Shiraz for a laid-back culinary exploration in a cozy home garden, promising laughter, tasty surprises, and genuine Persian hospitality.

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  1. Culinary
  2. Special Experience
  3. Welcoming Drink
  4. A Dinner
  5. A Refreshment
  6. Tourist Guide

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  1. Hotel
  2. Transfer
  3. Visa
  4. Insurance


Walking On The Itinerary (Before your Arrival)
We offer you the experience of feeling Iranian life through cooking and serving an Iranian dish, inviting you to become acquainted with a corner of Iranian culture and customs. You are invited to our home. So, choose your favorite dish, and let's prepare it together. Afterward, we'll sit around a table, enjoy the unique taste, and share moments of joy. To reach this table, we embark on a journey together, experiencing a series of things side by side. Inviting a guest to our home is one of the most beautiful events in Iranian culture. Hosting a guest is not just a gesture; it is a highly ethical act that brings positive energy and blessings into our lives. After inviting a guest, we plan in the best possible way to prepare the atmosphere for hosting. We start cleaning and organizing the house the day before, vacuuming, dusting, arranging the living room, and preparing all the serving dishes to be clean and tidy. Considering the hospitality that is going to take place, we specify the necessary food items for cooking and strive to buy from the best stores we know for the highest quality. Now that we are going to host you for a few hours, we do exactly these things to start the program. On the day we are looking forward to seeing you, our energy differs from other days. We count the moments for your arrival. Our home's gardener takes care of the gardens and flowers, watering the flowers to be lively and healthy. We carefully wash the fruits, vegetables, and ingredients we bought for cooking and arrange them in the kitchen to be ready for our cooking program. The musicians who are going to perform some Iranian music in the program have been tuning their instruments and practicing the pieces they are going to perform since the morning. They aim to introduce you to Iranian instruments and music to enhance your enjoyment of the event. Yes, as you can see, we engage all your senses in this program, making it an unforgettable experience: Your sight gets mesmerized by the breathtaking beauty of the garden, and your sense of smell and taste with the scent of Iranian food and its unparalleled taste. Your sense of hearing gets caressed by the sound of Iranian music, and the sense of touch with the touch of fresh and colorful ingredients.
As soon as you Arrived
You have arrived, imagine stepping into a cozy Iranian home, greeted with a refreshing drink. The host greets you warmly, welcoming your entry by waving the smoke of Espand—an aromatic plant in Iranian culture used to remove negative energies and evil spirits, a longstanding tradition. The cooking school and dinner gathering typically last for approximately 3 to 4 hours, providing a fantastic opportunity for cooking lovers who wish to spend an evening with locals. In this experience, you not only become familiar with the flavors and various spices used in Iranian dishes, but the chef also shares you more tricks and secrets of preparing amazing dishes with professional recipes that makes your food like mom’s cook. As the dishes reach perfection, follow the path to a table beneath the stars. Here, the vibrant flavors of Iran come alive—a mix of saffron, pomegranate sauce, and the dance of herbs. Here, among shared stories, friendships begin to bloom. Though fire has been a holy element for ancient Iranians, they have traditionally gathered around the fire, providing a suitable time for close conversations and socializing. The warmth of the fire kindles hearts and brings people closer together. You will experience this feeling in the program and carry its positive vibes with you. At the end of the night, join in another ancient tradition—a bowl of water gently cast behind you. Symbolizing protection and a heartfelt farewell. We are confident, and we give you the guarantee that this is the most experiential tour of Iranian food and life that you can find throughout Iran, creating memorable moments for yourself.

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Step Into a Haven for Food Lovers in Iran (A Culinary Tour)

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