Shiraz Mixture Tour in 10 Hours by Experienced Locals

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Shiraz, or Shar-e Raz means the city of secrets is one of the most popular destinations in Iran and famous for its nature, literature and culture. Here is a 10-hour exploring the city of love.

Length: 10 hours

Transport: walk, drive

Start point: Lotf Ali khan Zand Street

Finish point: Adabiat intersection

Highlights: Nasir al Molk mosque, Narejestan-e ghavam, Vakil traditional Bazaar, Zandiyeh Complex (Citadel, and Mosque), Hafez tomb and Ali-ebne Hamzeh holy shrine

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A full-day city tour to visit historical attractions and monuments of Shahre raz (city of secrets) Starts in the morning at about 9 o’clock with Nasir ol Molk Mosque, named in popular culture as the “Pink Mosque”, “Mosque of colors” and the “Kaleidoscope Mosque”, due to the usage of considerable pink color tiles for its interior design and the stained-glass windows that  capture the morning light and create a glorious dance of light on the floor with wonderful Color combination. You can take amazing photos there. You can also visit another mausoleum here named Imam-zadeh Zanjiri with a strange story behind. 

After a short walk we reach Naranjestan-e Qhavam Garden at about 10 am. A garden full of sour orange trees with a traditional Iranian pavilion full of mirror, wood tile works and paintings.

After about 15-minute walk in the old quarter of the city we arrive in Traditional Vakil Bazaar about 11 am. In bazaar you can enjoy exploring the Iranian traditional trade market and its colorful corridors such as Saray-e Moshir and Saray-e Fil where you can buy beautiful handcrafts, including Kilim, Gabe, Carpet, Mina, Khatam, silver accessories. We will stay at bazaar till lunch time.

You can eat launch at different traditional restaurants in the old quarter of shiraz near bazaar.

Here are the best restaurants in the zone:

After lunch we go to visit Vakil Mosque and Karimhkan citadel from outside. All the mentioned highlights belong to the magnificent Zandiyeh Dynasty, it takes about two hours to visit them.

Our next destination is Ali-ebne Hamzeh holy shrine, a sacred mausoleum decorated with splendid mirror works. Hafez tomb, the Iranian world-famous poet, is our final attraction we will be there at about 5pm. Our day tour will be ended at 7 pm.

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Shiraz Mixture Tour in 10 Hours by Experienced Locals
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Shiraz Mixture Tour in 10 Hours by Experienced Locals
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