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Stand Up Paddle board in Kish Island

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There is no wonder that the paddle board is one of the most popular water sports! It’s so easy to learn and extremely relaxing!

Enjoy every little wave and paddle while standing on the board in a calm sea. If you are not a fan of speedy sports, a paddleboard is a great choice for you.


  • Relaxing and calming Sport
  • Easy to Learn


Stand Up Paddle Board
Stand Up Paddle Board

The paddleboards made by Hobie Cat Company are powered by your feet, and works as a bicycle! You can easily learn how it works and has fun with it regardless of your age!

If you look for long term fun, you can take your fishing and snorkeling equipment, drive your paddleboard to the middle of the sea and come back after hours of adventure!

Capacity: 1 people

Type: Relaxing

Age limit: +10



Kish Island

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Stand Up Paddle board in Kish Island

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