Book Cheap Direct flights from Dubai to Qeshm (Prices & schedules)

Iran Tour via Direct flight from Dubai

best Iran tour packages with Direct flight from Dubai / Sharjah  or by  ferry boat from Khasab-Oman.

Official airline of Qeshm Island, with the daily fly between Qeshm and Dubai, offers best price two-way flights for January and February 2018.

Those who are interested in travelling to Qeshm Island, the land of Seven Wonders, can have best price last minute tour of Qeshm via direct flight from Dubai.

Qeshm airline operates daily flights to Qeshm from Dubai. Best price flight to Qeshm on 3-day tour to Qeshm Island.

Dubai to Iran by Flight

You can travel to Iran from Dubai and Sharjah  with everyday flight to main cities like shiraz Tehran Mashhad Isfahan

Airline have flight to Iran from Dubai and Sharjah – Air Arabia / Fly Dubai / Iranair /Aseman / Mahan / Kish Air / Qatar Airways

We have every day charter flight from Dubai and Sharjah to Iran you can select it with best price

Persian Gulf Ferry Boats to Iran

Each Saturday a ferry boat in Khasab, Oman starts its journey to Qeshm and Bandar Abbas.

This ferry boats are most equivalent for business travelers in Oman to have a weak stay in Qeshm Island.


Visa-Free Travel to Iran by Boat

Visa free Sail to Iran, seeing the Island of Seven Wonders, Qeshm!


Khasab – Qeshm Two way trip ferry boats time schedule:

Sailing Route Week DayDeparture TimeArrival  Time
Khasab – QeshmSaturday06:00 (Local Time)07:00 (Local Time)
Qeshm – KhasabSaturday08:30 (Local Time)09:00 (Local Time)
Bandar Abbas – KhasabSaturday10:30 (Local Time)13:00 (Local Time)


Khasab Qeshm & Bandar Abbas Ferry boats Car Capacity: 20 Car for each

Khasab Qeshm & Bandar Abbas Ferry Boats Passengers Capacity: 120 Person for each

How to book Ferry boat ticket to Qeshm & Bandar Abbas – Khasab?

Ferry Boat passengers should buy their ferry boat tickets 48 hours before each launch.

NFC Ferry Boat to Qeshm facilities:

  • Better cost ticket to Qeshm
  • Enjoying Beautiful Sea Sight view in Ferry Boat
  • Safe and Easy Sailing
  • Chance to Travel by your own car in Iran and Entering Iran by Car


How much takes Qeshm- Khasab Ferry boats?

Only 2 Hour on boat Khasab to Qeshm!


Ferry boat from Oman to Iran price (OMR):

How is Car Transportation via Ferry boat?

Bandar Abbas and Qeshm boat transfer from Khasab offers car transporting services.

For Car Transportation via ferry boat, travellers should apply for car ferry ticket at least 48 hours before Ferry Departure. (Otherwise needs extra charges)

ID Card Certificate of the car owner is needed for car transportation.

Non-personal Cargos in the car should be identified and be listed to be approved.


Iran Free zone Trips:

For all nationalities around the world, you can have 14 days Visa Free in Iran Qeshm and Kish Islands Travel.

A Special offer for Business travelers in Oman to visit Iran visa free, Qeshm via boat, thanks to NFC National Ferries Company.

Visa Free, Guide free, Iran trip for American, Canadian and British citizens in Free Zones are possible.


Visa Free Travelling to Iran:

You can travel to Qeshm, Kish Island, Ahvaz and Chabahar Free Zones, 14 days without Iran Visa!

Each Saturday depart Khasab Ferries to Qeshm destination, this made a very good holiday destination for Oman Citizens.


Does booking Khasab- Bandar Abbas Ferry Boat need Iran visa?

Iran Travelers can have mostly Iran Entry Visa on Arrival in Bandar Abbas.

Or for sure, travellers can apply for Iran visa through Iran Certified Travel Agencies.

More information about Iran Visa, Click here.

FriendlyIran Travel team offers Iranian visa services, for Iran Visa Application Click here.


Does Khasab- Qeshm Ferry Boat ticket booking need Iran visa?

No, Iran Travelers can travel in Iran Free Zones, visa free.

More information about Iran Visa, Click here.

To book Ferry Boat ticket to Qeshm & Bandar Abbas, Click here.

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  • Ferry boat Khasab- Qeshm- Khasab
  • Accommodation in Local house
  • Fulltime Driver Guide
  • Meals

Khasab Qeshm time schedule and duration may change, so we advise you to get the most updated information by our online Iran tour operator.