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Road Trip UAE to Europe Across Iran



12 Days and 11 Nights

Start Point

Bandar Abbas/Bandar Lengeh

End Point

Bazargan Border

Tour Type

Adventure, Budget Friendly, Cultural Tours, Open Jaw, Special Interest

Tour Highlights

enjoy the variety of landscapes, such as sand sea deserts, all around mountains, nomads by the road, Hyrcanian forest by the Caspian sea and also the colorful mountains of Aladaghlar. This itinerary is written for the road adventurists tempting to enjoy their ride and visit Iran natural and cultural beauties mainly on road

Tour Include

Service to obtain the Iran visa tracking code
11 Nights’ Accommodation in 3* and 4* hotels
Breakfasts at hotel
English Speaking local Guide based on city tours
Travel Insurance
5 meals (lunch or Dinner)

Tour Exclude

Airfare/ ferry
Visa stamp fee
Entrance fees to the attractions
Extra Meals
Transportation (can be added based on your request)
Tips & Portages
Extra fee for Americans, Canadians and the English

About this Tour

You may have thought about a motorcycle road trip from Dubai to Europe or cross Iran by car, besides your personal reasons, I should say this is a brilliant idea to explore Iran and enjoy the variety of landscapes, such as sand sea deserts, all around mountains, nomads by the road, Hyrcanian forest by the Caspian sea and also the colorful mountains of Aladaghlar!

This itinerary is written for the road adventurists tempting to enjoy their ride visiting Iran natural and cultural beauties mainly on road. More city tours and historical sites visit can be added by your request to our travel experts.

Is it possible to cross Iranian borders with a private vehicle?

Yes! Generally, you can drive through Iran by car and pass Iran borders, the International driving license and carnet the passage are necessary in the first place! Obviously, you also need visa approval (or other inquiries related to visa, Iran Visa Ultimate Guide)

How to drive to Europe by car (from Dubai/Sharjah)? Is it safe?

One of the safest ways to reach Europe by car (from Dubai/Sharjah) is crossing Iran and avoiding unsafe roads in nearby countries.

How to get a ferry to Iran? How to ship a car/bike to Iran?

Weekly Ferries from Sharjah to Bandar Abbas and Dubai to Bandar Lengeh are popular ways to get to Iran by motorcycle and car. Valfajr is a shipping company that offers motorbike and car transportation to Iran. Consult with our trip advisors about the departing and arrival time of ferries, you can also book a ferry ticket to BandarAbbas and Bandar Lengeh online by us. Since the trip from Sharjah and Dubai to Bandar Abbas and Bandar Lengeh takes about 12 hours, you may need to add an overnight and start your first-day tour after a sleepover.


Day 1: Arrival in Bandar Abbas or Bandar Lengeh
Day 1: Arrival in Bandar Abbas or Bandar Lengeh

From Bandar Abbas to Shiraz it’s about 7 to 8 hours ride and we recommend you to start your journey early in the morning.
Fadami Waterfall, a single natural waterfall containing salty and fresh, cold, and warm water simultaneously! The freshwater spring is cool in summer and warm in winter! 500 meters forward the salty water spring which makes a 5-meter high waterfall is cold in winter and warm in summer!
Fadami waterfall locating near Fadami village and Forg is just 250 Km away from Bandar abbas and 380 Km away from Shiraz.
Before arriving in Shiraz you will reach to Maharlu Lake! Hey, the lake is magical in summertime! The color of Maharlu Lake, also called Salt Lake, turn into pink in summer and makes a wonderful scene. In February and the first week of March, the almond tree gardens around the salt lake are filled with blossoms! A lovely view that worth your stop!
Arriving in Shiraz, and overnight in Shiraz.
Bandar Abbas and Bandar Lengeh are both so close to the greatest Island in the Persian Gulf, Qeshm! Qeshm is an island of seven wonders and if you have 2, 3 extra days give it shut and visit Qeshm and Hormoz islands.

Day 2: Shiraz City Tour
Day 2: Shiraz City Tour

Well, how about a Shiraz day tour with an experienced local?
A full-day city tour to visit historical attractions and monuments of Shiraz. Start with the Nasir al Molk Mosque that is named in popular culture as the Pink Mosque, due to the usage of considerable pink color tiles for its interior design. Then we go to visit Narejestan e Ghavam and Zandiyeh Complex (Vakil complex) that includes Citadel, Bath, Mosque, and traditional Bazaar. The bazaar consists of different corridors that the most famous ones are Saraye Moshir and Saraye Fil where you can buy beautiful handicrafts, including Kilim, Gabe, Carpet, Mina, Khatam, Silver accessories, and ….
Shiraz people are often welcome you to the city, start a small talk or even offer you to join them for dinner! Could be a memorable lifetime experience ;)
Riding around Shiraz with your bike is best to be at night! Just keep riding from Karimkhan citadel to the Quran gate, continue your way to the Chamran Blvd. and Maali Abad Blvd. then ride back to your hotel through Satarkhan Blvd!
Overnight in Shiraz

Day 3: Shiraz – Persepolis – Isfahan
Day 3: Shiraz – Persepolis – Isfahan

The ancient city of Persepolis from 2500 years ago has so many symbolized bas-reliefs, architectural facts, and wonders that are best to be told by a tour guide. So on your way to Isfahan, when you stop visiting Persepolis your guide will join to show you the complex.
After visiting Persepolis, keep driving toward Isfahan province.
Here we recommend an overnight in a remarkable desert called Varzaneh. There you can simply camp, overnight in a guesthouse, or in short distance with the desert overnight in a caravanserai at Koohpayeh village.
The best time to visit the desert, do trekking, camel riding and etc. is during sunset.
And the best time of year to visit Varzaneh desert is from March to late April and from mid-September to the end of November.

Day 4: Isfahan City Tour
Day 4: Isfahan City Tour

Today we’ll visit the Naghshe Jahan Square and visit the blue sky joining with the blue tiles of Jameh Abbasi Mosque (Imam Mosque) This mosque was built in the Safavid Era and has fascinating architecture. After this lovely Mosque, we’ll visit another mosque in the square, the Sheikh Lotfollah mosque! This mosque was built for the women of the royal family. The ornaments of its dome is a true beauty of Islamic architecture, showing the skill of the Safavid artists. Ali Qapu is the next place that we will see. This palace has a room named as a Music room and the ornaments of this room are like the Persian music instruments, which reflex the sound of music in it. In the Terrace of this castle, the king used to sit, rest, and watch the polo game in the square.
We will also visit Qeisarieh Bazaar, there we will be familiar with Iranian art and handicrafts, maybe buy some Gaz, the famous sweet of Esfahan.
At last visiting the Chehel Sotoon Palace – Garden, seeing the wall pictures which tell the history of Iran.
Overnight in Esfahan

Day 5: Isfahan to Tehran
Day 5: Isfahan to Tehran

Leave Isfahan toward Iran capital, Tehran! But don’t rush! There are plenty of interesting places that you can visit on-road. One of them is the Kashan city and its famous traditional houses! Tabatabaei house and Boroujerdi house are two historical houses, representing different aspects of Persian culture.
A less known attraction nearby Kashan is Nooshabad underground city! Nooshabad city was made to host people by the time of war to shelter families.
Keep driving to Tehran and based on time visiting Fatima Shrine at Qom.
Overnight in Tehran.

Day 6: Tehran City Tour
Day 6: Tehran City Tour

Start the tour by visiting Golestan Palace Museums the only UNESCO world heritage site in the capital of Iran that consists of royal edifices, gardens, and collections of Iranian crafts.
The National Museum of Tehran is our next must-see attraction. There you can be familiar with an overview of Iranian millennia-old history and culture.
After lunch, we will go to the National Jewelry Museum of Iran, (the museum is open from Saturday till Tuesday, 14 pm – 16:30 pm), we will be there till 16 pm, if your Tehran day tour is on Wednesday till Friday, we will go to visit the Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran (Abgineh Museum) where you can see ceramic and glassworks. The complex is also the former embassy of Egypt in Iran.
This guided tour will be finished at 18 pm and the best thing to do after is to visit the Milad tower and Nature bridge.
Overnight in Tehran

Day 7: Tehran – Chalus – Ramsar
Day 7: Tehran – Chalus – Ramsar

Chalus is one of the most crowded roads of Iran, the shortest way to reach to north Iran from Tehran! While driving you will see the changes of the semi-arid area to the forests and green covered mountains. After about 2 hours you will reach to Chalus and after a short rest, keep riding to the west through the Caspian Seaside road. In the north of Iran and by the Caspian Sea villages and cities are connected to each other and the road will get never boring. Ramsar is known as the bride of Northern Iran cities! In Ramsar, you can see the view of the Caspian Sea and Alborz mountains in a cable car from 700 meters above!
Dalkhani jungle is one of the recommended attractions in Ramsar, with a short distance of 30 km. Even short trekking in Dalkhani jungle is so freshening and enjoyable to cheer you up after the 7-day road trip.
Overnight in Ramsar

Day 8: Ramsar – Qaleh Rudkhan - Masuleh
Day 8: Ramsar – Qaleh Rudkhan - Masuleh

Roodkhan castle on top of a hill hidden between mountains was known to be unreachable, yet today people call it the castle of thousand stairs! It’s so fun to go up there and visit the castle. After Qaleh Rudkhan, ride to the stunning village of Masuleh.
Masuleh is a historical stepped village, where the narrow streets are the roof of houses in bellow.
Overnight in Masuleh

Day 9: Masuleh – Asalem – Khalkhal- Ardabil
Day 9: Masuleh – Asalem – Khalkhal- Ardabil

If you are doing this journey in summer, visiting the lotus flowers at Anzali lagoon is recommended! Otherwise visiting the Gissoom jungle can be more pleasant.
Where is the most beautiful road in Iran? Where to go bicycling in Iran?
The road Asalem to Khalkhal is the most exciting and vow road in Iran. This is where you will feel the route is more important than the target!
Arriving in Ardabil, based on time visiting the Sheikh Safi Aldin Mausoleum.
Overnight in Ardabil

Day 10: Ardabil – Tabriz
Day 10: Ardabil – Tabriz

Riding toward Tabriz, don’t choose the shorter way! It’s a good opportunity to visit the old yeri town in Meshgin Shahr. Yeri town is an archeological site, the city of mouthless, where 70 cm tall statue will make you wonder how old they are.
Carry on your way, you will arrive at the colorful Aladaghlar mountains by the city of Khajeh! Aladaghlar mountains start from Zanjan province and continue to Khaje city, the scenery is indescribable!
Overnight in Tabriz.

Day 11: Tabriz City Tour and excursion to Kandovan
Day 11: Tabriz City Tour and excursion to Kandovan

Having breakfast at a hotel or at a unique place like Café-un and then starting Tabriz city tour with a walk in the old bazaar. Tabriz Bazaar is a UNESCO world heritage site, famous to be the longest roofed bazaar in the world! The section of Tabriz woven carpet shops are the most attractive parts, make sure you don’t miss it!
Walking to the Clock tower, visiting the most famous square of Tabriz and the outside view of the municipality palace. Then keep walking to Goy mosque (also known as Blue mosque), the most beautiful site in Tabriz.
Yaghout is a restaurant nearby Goy mosque, there you can have a delicious Persian kebab to regain the energy for the remaining day.
After lunch, driving to Kandovan village! The village is a manmade cliff dwelling that is still inhabited.
Overnight in Tabriz

Day 12: Tabriz – Jolfa – Bazargan
Day 12: Tabriz – Jolfa – Bazargan

Ride to Bazargan city at Iran-Azerbaijan border and on way visiting St. Stephanos Monastery at Jolfa and the Aras riverside.


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