Iran ziyarat

Iran  Religious tour

Holiest sites and shrine in iran for visit

main holy cities and sites in iran are  Mashhad ( Imam reza ) Qom ( Maasoome / Jamkaran moisqe )  Shiraz ( shahcheragh – ahmad ebn moosa )

Jamkaran mousqe

The Holy Mosque in the Holy City of Qom is being jmicran in the mountain range of the two brothers and at the beginning of the road to Qom, Kashan and always hosts Zaerini from different parts of Iran and the world. The Holy Mosque of jamkaran in the year 373. min. order of the Prophet’s (PBUH), the rest was built and refurbished during the Middle Ages was frequent and the monument. This holy place, under the auspices of especially the Prophet’s other alaazem (aorahana fedah) is located and where the Prophet of shiaianshan have asked that this holy place, because on this place, they have the right and the Earth is approaching shrifi it from other selected land


Mashahd ziyarat tour

3Days in mashhad for visit imam reza shrine

day1 visiting tomb


Qom Ziyarat tour


shahe cheragh ahmad ebn moosa shiraz

Shah cheragh in Shiraz that is true according to Shiite belief, Ahmad bin Musa, the son of a senior Imam Musa Kazem Ben Mousa omahmd, brothers of Imam Reza, is buried in it. He was on the way to join his brother travel to Khorasan but are on the way by people in the city of Shiraz مأمون Abbasi Khalifa was killed. This tomb is next to the name field in the city of Shiraz, Ahmadinejad. The tomb of King سیدمیراحمد ‘s brother سیدمیرمحمد was also near the lights.




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