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Takht_e Jamshid Or Persepolis  is one of the masterpieces of Iran ,that belongs to history of all people around the World. Persepolis is  in Fars province,And located 10 kilometers north of Marvdasht and  57 kilometers of Shiraz.UNESCO declared the ruins of Persepolis as World Heritage Site in 1979.Archaeological evidence shows that the earliest remains of Persepolis date back to 515 BC, And some well-known archaeologists believe that the reasons behind the construction of Persepolis were the need for a majestic atmosphere, a symbol for their empire, and to celebrate special events like Nowruz(the name of the Iranian New Year that is the first day of spring).Construction of the building began in the time of Darius I in the western slopes of Mount Mitra or mercy and then continued by his successors Xerxes (Khashayar)and Artaxerxes (Ardeshir).The  honors of this place that has been discovered by inscription  is that when all the great buildings of the world have made by slavery,in construction of this magnificent building, which is lasted about 120 years , many Architects, artists, craftsmen, workers, women  were involved that have Labor insurance benefits in addition of salaries.


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