Traditional Persian Night of Yazd

Attraction Detail

Iran Tourists always looking for a place to spend their night hours in Iran. As being an Islamic country, you cannot find night clubs in Iran. There are some attractions which are accept Iran visitors more than usual opening hours such as Hafez temple in Shiraz, they are even open round the clock in special times like Iranian New Year holiday, Nowruz, in addition to such attractions there are some cultural events holding in main cities for representing the hidden face of Iranian culture. One of the great ones is Traditional Persian Night in Yazd: A new cultural art event called “Traditional Persian Night” is held in the beautiful historical city of Yazd which is newly inscribed as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site .If you are interested in learning more about Persian culture, traditions, literature and music; here is the suitable place for you! At this Traditional Persian Night, Iranian Youth are trying to provide you with a pure experience of getting familiar with Iranian night gatherings and the customs associated with them. Some of the activities you will experience during this Persian hours:

  1. Reading Persian stories such as “Khosrow and Shirin” – A very famous Persian love story -With musical accompaniment.
  2. Talking about interesting and funny Farsi anecdotes.
  3. Playing Persian Classical music instruments like Setar
  4. Eating a Persian dinner together around a Persian table (A delicious three course dinner including: Ghormeh Sabzi and rice (Non-Veg), Mirza Ghasemi (Veg), Shooli (a special Yazdi soup), Mast-o-Khiar and of course Iranian bread J
  5. And finally Experience being an Iranian!

You are always welcome to a Persian banquet, so if you would like to add one of these programs to your Iran Tour package our friendly agents are ready to help you…

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