Peace making alleys

Peace making alleys

In today’s modern world development in technology has made our life a better facilitated one, but wherever we are in this vast great world, the moment we get out of this fast time machine in order to seek out our good memories, we remember our old houses, furniture, and memories the we have missed so long. Walking in old alleys may help us feel better.
Iranian alleys have their own specific stories. The old alleys that reflect the culture of people from that time are filled with memories. When we get out of old houses which are designed beautifully by the old way of architecture, the first things we see are the flowers that have embellished the walls of these houses half way height. You will smell that the flowers have traces all over the neighborhood. Close to every house you will see platforms that have once been the place where people used to rest as they were walking home. In the past it was part of Iranian culture that Iranian Man or father used to buy his family something when he was going back from his work, even if the things they had bought were small trivial things. Buying the house everyday needs were the responsibility of men. The alleys architecture were in a way that no vehicle could pass from them, therefore the named platforms were designed for those who wanted to take a breath while walking home with the things they had bought their families. These platforms were a place where women used to gather around in the evenings and have friendly talks. Each of these alleys had specific architecture to where it ended toward a main street. The alleys that were close to shrines and holly places were designed in a way that the domes of these buildings were clearly seen from the doorway of most of the houses. If these alleys were close to Bazaars, they were designed in a way that the entry of each alley ends in a specific bazaar with specific goods. Some times in order to reach the main street we were supposed to pass marketplaces and corridors, and some times the small sticks were positioned in the middle of the alleys to separate them into two narrow lines of a pavement.

Ghahro Ashti Alleys:
You may see this story interesting. In the past some of the alleys which were as ways to get to houses were build so narrowly that only one person could walk there instantaneously. Therefore if two people were walking simultaneously in these alleys they would inevitably face each other and in cases that they were mad at each other it became an excuse to talk to each other and put aside any annoyances. But these days living in tall buildings and driving in wide streets none of these would happen again, and that is why we spend long times annoyed from each other. But where are those platforms, flowers, friendships and houses with colorful windows.
If you want to travel to Iran and you were looking after these old people and its friendship, try visiting these alleys for some time. There are still such places in ancient cities like Shiraz. These alleys are named “Ghahro Ashti alleys”.

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