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Catamaran Sailing Adventure in Kish Island



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Kish Island

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Kish Island

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Experience, Without Visa

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Excitement and Adventure

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About this Tour

A catamaran is a boat-shaped two-hulled watercraft that sails with wind power. When the wind is blowing through the hulls, the catamaran is controlled by adjusting the sail clothes and challenges your dominance and speed.



Wind Sailing on a Catamaran

You can do wind sailing with an executive coach, be pleased with the excitement, or learn it to sail on your own.

Learning wind sailing on a catamaran differs bases on your history with wind sports. However, with our professional team, you’ll be trained to sail alone in a few sessions.

The greatest features of wind sailing are the ultimate adventure, safety, and stability in different weather conditions. When the weather is not suitable for the ferries and boats to sail, you can simply enjoy sailing on a catamaran, kayaking, and windsurfing.

Capacity: 2 people
Type: Exciting – High Adrenaline
Duration: 30 minutes
Age limit: +18


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