The Top 10 Things to Do in Yazd

Yazd, the city of wind-catchers (Shahr-e-Baadgirha), the old city of Yazd emerging like a phoenix from the desert is a desert city in the center of Iran. Due to its neighborhood with the deserts, Yazd has taken a unique architecture. It is very well known for its Zoroastrian Fire Temples, Qanats, Yakhchals, ab-anbars, Persian handicrafts, Termeh (Iranian hand woven clothes), silk weaving, and its high quality delicious Yazdi confectionary. You should plan your trip to Yazd so that you will not miss the following attractions to visit and activities to do in Yazd.
1_The Old Town of Yazd, which is according to UNESCO, the perfect place to get a feel of the region’s rich history. This place is where the modern life meets the ancient (old) life or history when you witness cars and bikes passing the narrow alleys of this ancient district of Iran. It has also its unique architecture with the walls made of mud.
2_The labyrinth of small streets into which you can sneak and it is surrounded by the silence of the walls with their incredible, oriental style of architecture.  One can observe its strikingly unique architecture which is a combination of traditional and Persian-Islamic architecture style. The general appearance of this city has preserved its traditional form and you will wholly perceive this fact by taking a walk through the streets of this city. But you’d better visit this part of town (labyrinth) in groups of at least two people due to security reasons of not getting lost.
3_The Towers of silence (or Zoroastrians’ Crypt) which has been the burial place of Zoroastrians according to their religious burial ceremonies in the past but nowadays they bury their dead people in the graves like normal Muslims and they have abandoned using crypts for burial purposes. There is an Ossuary in the middle of the crypt where some bones have been discovered belonging to the corpses. Though it is concerned with dead bodies, this part of city breathes history. It has got amazing landscapes, an extraordinary view over the city, and it gives you a fantastic opportunity to discover the Zoroastrian religion and their customs.
4_The Jameh Mosque,which is the most beautiful tiled mosque of 12th century with its splendid architecture near which you can go shopping in the beautifully lit, vibrant bazaar and you can buy Yazdi cake and Baklava and Ghottab. This mosque has been rebuilt during the era between 1324 and 1365. So we can also call this place an outstanding 14th century building of Iran. The Azari style of Persian architecture mosque is crowned by a pair of minarets. The most attractive point about this mosque is its eye-catching colored tiles of its façade. Blue, gray and white tiles have elegantly decorated Inside its long arcaded courtyard, there is an exquisitely built priceless inscription of mosaic tiles which conveys to the beholder a sense of beauty. You can even enjoy the brick work of the ceilings of the mosque. You can also take marvelously beautiful pictures near this site when the sun sets.
5_The Amir Chakhmagh Complex is another impressive sight to visit especially when it is lit and decorated at night. The three-storey facade of this architecture masterpiece is the highlight of Iran.  Its stunningly symmetrical alcoves make this place a one on the Earth immaculate work of art you should certainly go and visit. I can say for sure, it is the largest structure in Iran with two very tall minarets at the center. There is a spiral staircase that provides the most beautiful view of the city of Yazd.Beneath the complex, there is a bazaar in which you can eat Kebab of jigar (grilled liver). In the front, there is a huge wooden palm tree used for watching Ashura commemorations
6_Dowlat-Abad Garden which is a World Heritage Site according to UNESCO. It is one of the oldest gardens of the region with a colossal wind-catcher. Its area covers as big as 70000 square meters. The founder of this garden had built a Qanat of 65 kilometers to bring water from Mehriz to Yazd. This place is really calm and quiet and it is an oasis in the middle of dry hot land.
7_Zoroastrian Fire Temple in Yazd:The Holy Zoroastrian Building that is located in the middle of a large garden and is surrounded by pine and cypress trees. Beautiful ancient architecture turned this place into one of the main attractions of Yazd.  Zoroastrians hold special ceremony in this place and should wear white or light colored clothing to enter. People believed that the fire inside temple has been burning for more than 1,500 years.
8_Termeh is another thing that you must see; it is a specialty cloth that is originated in Yazd. It is woven by hand with silk, wool and fiber. It may take the forms of fabric, sheets, panels and other shapes. It can be used to make clothes for weddings, table cloths and floor spread sheets are made from this material. The value of Termeh can be assessed by checking the fineness of fiber and thread; the amount of colorful threads and also the use of gold or silver in the threads greatly add to its value. Its price differs depending on the kind of design it has. Knowledge of weaving and designing is necessary to make Termeh, which is nowadays in danger of dying out specifically due to the reduction in number of people having the specialization of producing it.
9-sweet flour Sohan which tourists buy to bring back to their countries as souvenirs. It is very delicious and made of flour and sugar. Pashmak and Qhottab are also favorite sweets that many visitors buy to give to their friends or families as presents.
10_Chak Chak or Pir-e Sabz Fire Temple. This pilgrimage site for the Zoroastrians, is located 70 kilometers from Yazd. There is a legend about this village which is located beside the cliff. Based on this legend “one piece of rock of this cliff open its mouth up and Nikbau took shelter from the invasion of Arabs”. “Chak Chak” or in Persian “Drip Drip” has an eternal spring, which according to legends, is still crying to commemorate the Princess Nikbanu.
The Top 10 Things to Do in Yazd
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