Iran, a pocket-friendly destination 2021-2022

In recent years, you have heard the name of Iran in the radio, TV, and newspapers more than before. It’s because of US sanctions and the rapidly dropping of the local currency. It’s why Iran has become a pocket-friendly destination

Sanctions and the dropping of the Iran currency (Rial), cause that traveling to Iran become quite cheap for tourists. It is the perfect place for traveling as a familygroup, or solo. The cost of the ticket is the only thing that is expensive for a tourist depending on where he/she come from, but food and other things related to travel are cheap, compared to European countries, America, or other countries in the Middle East. But what would that mean for tourists? 

Low-cost in food and beverage:

Like other countries, based on the quality of the product, the price is variable. You can eat lunch or dinner by spending from € 5 to € 8 per person, but you can also eat for much less! Water or fruit juices cost from 25 to 50 cents.

Low-cost in transport:

The price of taxis is negotiable and varies according to the trip (ranging from a few tens of cents for shared taxis, up to about forty euros per day). Buses are easily accessible for travel around the country and prices usually range from € 5-10 each way. Also, you can travel from Tehran to other major cities by train. A train ticket will cost you between € 15- € 20 depending on the city distance.

Low-cost accommodation:

A mid-range hotel costs around € 25 per night, which you can also find 4 and 5-star hotels for about € 30-50 € per night in a double room (except in Tehran which is generally more expensive). So you can save a little more money on souvenirs and gifts. 

Low-cost in souvenirs

It is no secret that Persian rugs, especially handmade ones, are precious and highly appreciated all over the world. This is why they are always among the first souvenirs you think of when you go to Iran. If you want to buy an important gift or have always been your desire, in Iran you will find many more models, colors, patterns, and because of the rate of the exchange dollar to Rial, you can buy a carpet at a lower price. 

You can also buy saffron, pistachio, spice,  Persian sweets, and also Iranian handicrafts as a souvenir for your family and friends.

Lower prices on tour packages:

US dollar or the European euro and suddenly worth double in Iran. Now is the chance that you can experience the beauty of Iran for half the price. The cost of our tours is now much lower, and we are guaranteed the best services.

To cut a long story short, the important reason why you should travel to Iran is that real Iran is not what you see in the media. The real Iran is made up of real people, with warm hearts and inviting smiles. Iranian hospitality is one of the tourist attractions of this land. Come and experience Iranian hospitality and then become the peace ambassador to tell stories of your experience to the rest of the world.

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