Shiraz Tour in 7 Days by Experienced Locals


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Shiraz Tour in 7 Days by Experienced Locals

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This is a tour in Fars Province that its central city is Shiraz. This trip is a mixture of several experiences, from visiting cultural monuments in the central town to eco tours is the unique nature of the countryside.

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Shiraz the city of love, literature, history, culture, and beautiful gardens is one of the best destinations in Persia. Here is a 7-day mixture Shiraz itinerary to get the most out of this ancient city. For sure, Fars province and its central city, Shiraz, always have something new for offering and have the potential for more than 1-week tours.

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Service to obtain the Iran visa tracking code
6 Nights’ Accommodation in 4* Hotel
English Speaking guide
Transportation during the whole tour in a Sedan car
Travel Insurance

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International Airfare
Visa stamp fee
Entrance fees to the attractions
Culinary tour fee
Americans, Canadians and the English extra tour cost
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Day 1: Shiraz
After the long flight to Shiraz, at international airport, your guide will meet and greet you at the gate. Then you’re invited to have a delicious Persian meal in an old café-house. You will have a city tour in Shiraz (Eram Garden, Saadi and Hafiz tomb, and visit Ali Ibne-E Hamzeh Holy Shrine). Especial offer in Shiraz: Culinary Tour in A Nice Garden House You can enjoy a culinary tour by omitting one or two sightseeing places as mentioned above to buy time for this plan: As we are from Shiraz, we can hold a culinary tour for people who are interested in culinary. On this day, my friend and I will be your host in a traditional home for a culinary tour. On this day, we will go shopping together and buy the ingredients. Then we start cooking together and spend some time at home with my family and my friends. We will cook Kalam Polo, it is a traditional Shirazzes food that includes mixed rice, cabbage, some herbs with meatballs. For dessert, you will eat Flooded Shirazi which is made of noodles, this kind of dessert usually eaten with lemon juice or rose water. As the Iranian people like Indian food a lot so if you would like, you could teach us Local food from your country, what is your idea about it? Overnight in Shiraz.
Day 2: Firooz Abad
A day tour in Firuzabad is like stepping into a time machine that transports you to an enchanting world of ancient Persia. As the sun rises over the stunning Zagros Mountains, you find yourself amidst a landscape that whispers tales of history, legends, and breathtaking natural beauty. Your first stop is the Qal'eh Dokhtar, a majestic castle that proudly stands as a testament to ancient architectural prowess. In the heart of this paradise lies the eternal resting place of Ardeshir Babakan, the founder of the Sassanid Empire. As you continue your journey, the ruins of Gour and Sasan, remnants of ancient cities, come into view. The crowning jewel of your Firuzabad adventure is the tranquil waters of the Ardeshir Lake, reflecting the azure sky and the towering mountains that embrace it. As the day draws to a close, and you make your way back to Shiraz, you carry with you the memories of a day filled with wonder, history, and the gracious spirit of Firuzabad. Overnight in Shiraz.
Day 3: Sepidan
Today after breakfast we drive to the lovely Sepidan district! Sepidan is a four-season destination and there is always something extraordinary and remarkable to do there! In Spring trekking and visiting Nomad is such a great idea and so recommended by our trekking lovers from Hong Kong, in Summer visiting waterfalls and water trekking in valleys is so joyful, in Autumn visiting the Apple gardens and trekking in autumn colored nature and in Winter you can ski in the closest ski resort to the equator! So based on the time you can do one of these activities, or combine them with horse-back riding, visiting rural regions, schools and have lunch and dinner with a local family. Overnight in Shiraz.
Day 4: Persepolis- Naqshe Rostam
Full-day excursion to Persepolis, the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid kings. Then visit Necropolis where you visit Zoroastrian fire temple, Royal tombs. Overnight Shiraz. How Indescribable walking through the Achaemenes settlement. Imagine when you are walking there, it throws you out to the future, not to the past. In fact, we discovered what the ancestors had achieved many years ago. Until now, there is no proof of slavery on the carvings of Persepolis but it is only a sign of peace, culture, gathering and friendship between all ethnic groups and nations of that time. On the eastern staircase, we can see 23 nationalities of the world. It still has shown the unity and equality of all religions and races. It is wonderful to know our ancestors had female engineers and they were paid even during pregnancy. To know more about the architecture there. This monument has a unique architecture. Overnight Shiraz.
Day 6: Bishapur
A day tour in Bishapur is like stepping into a hidden treasure trove of ancient wonders, where the past comes alive amidst the serene beauty of Iran's countryside. As the sun bathes the landscape in a warm, golden glow, you embark on a journey that promises to be both a historical exploration and a tranquil escape from the modern world. Your first destination is the awe-inspiring rock reliefs of Bishapur, where the skill of ancient craftsmen comes to life before your eyes. Stepping onto the grounds of the ancient city of Bishapur itself is like entering a forgotten world. The ruins of grand palaces, intricate mosaics, and sturdy columns transport you back to the heyday of the Sassanid Empire. As you walk among these vestiges of a once-thriving civilization, you can almost hear the echoes of ancient footsteps and imagine the vibrant life that once filled these streets. As the sun dips below the horizon and paints the sky in hues of orange and pink, you return from your journey through Bishapur, carrying with you the memories of a day spent in the embrace of ancient wonders. This day tour is not just a historical exploration; it's a soul-stirring experience that connects you with the enduring spirit of Iran's past. Overnight in Shiraz.
Day 6: Shiraz Tour
Rise and Shine in Shiraz beautiful city, having breakfast at the hotel and starting our day by visiting the fascinating Nasir Al Molk Mosque! For the fabulous rose tiles and reputation of pink color it is also known as Rose Mosque / Pink Mosque! The golden time to visit the pink mosque is in the morning from 8 to 10 am, when the sunlight passes through colorful glasses in the western praying hall. After visiting Nasir ol Molk Mosque, walking to the Zand Complex area, passing through the bazaar, and maybe a quick visit of the Vakil Mosque or the Karim khan Citadel. Shirazi Ice-cream and Faloodeh are best in the Arg Ice-cream shop, which is located just next to the Karim khan citadel. After trying the traditional ice-cream or Faloodeh, you will have a visit of pink lake in the sunset.
Day 7: Departure
Transfer to the airport to get back home.

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Shiraz Tour in 7 Days by Experienced Locals

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