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These days, stylish Hong Kong Travelers have plans to visit Iran and experience the magnificence of Persia. The Antique history, Rich culture friendly people, and feeling adequately safe in Iran, have made Iran tours desirable according to our tourists from HK.

After waiving Iran visa for HKSAR passport holders, Iran is having more visits from Hong Kong demanding profound cultural Iran Tour packages! The sincere reviews of tourists who travel to Iran from Hong Kong show there are special bonding between Iranians and Hong Kong People.

After years of being honored to operate and tailor-made Iran tours for our friends from Hong Kong, FriendlyIran travel experts are very well familiar with HK people’s travel style and inquiries.

Requirements of Iran visa for HKSAR passport

Hong Kong nationalities with valid HKSAR passports are eligible to stay and travel in Iran without a visa for 21 days.  

From August 2019, people with Chinese, Macau, and Hong Kong citizenship do not require an Iran visa and can directly enter Iran with a valid passport.  

Passport validity to travel to Iran must be more than 6 months after the arrival date.


Tailor-made Iran Tour Packages for Hong Kong People

Experience Iran In-depth culture;
Iranian Hospitality in Real Life and Explore Adorable Nature

With a pre-planned itinerary, you can make every moment count in Iran!

Visiting Iran can be more than historical sites and tourist areas, check out bellow Hong Kong travelers inspirations and make your trip twice valuable as others!

Persian Culture in new perspective:

Find out truth of Iranian beliefs and stories that they have grown up with, by joining annual and occasional events! Popular festivals like Nowruz, Yalda, Tasua-Ashura and less-known ones like Charshanbe Souri, Sadeh, Pir Shalyar make your trip more significant and pleasing.

We have found people from Hong Kong as deep and insightful travelers, so guess what? We can arrange special gatherings with a family for you! You can meet a family and listen to the granny telling you about old times, see the old-time marriage photos, and know-how the new couple of families met each other, how teens like gender-separated schools, and other hidden aspects of living in Iran.

Seasonal Adventures and fun activities:

Scape from the humid and hot weather of Hong Kong to Iran four-season land! There are always exciting activities to do in Iran! All over the year! Camping, horseback riding, Water sports, trekking, and skiing.

Go for the adventure that gives you the best photo shots for your Instagram and mind-blowing stories for the friend’s gatherings!

A Wonderful Night at Desert

Flights Hong Kong – Iran:

There is no direct flight from Hong Kong to Iran and all flights Hong Kong – Iran have at least one connection.  

Most frequent connection flights to Iran are from Dubai, Doha, Sharjah, and Istanbul. The flight duration of, Dubai-Tehran is 2 hrs. 30 min., Doha-Tehran is 2 hrs. , Sharjah-Tehran 2hrs. , Istanbul-Tehran is 3hrs. 40 min.

Best Flights from Hong Kong – Tehran:

Emirates, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, and Aeroflot have the most frequent flights to Tehran.

Turkish Airlines have the most variety of flight destination in Iran as well.

Turkish Airlines offers flights from Istanbul to 7 cities in Iran; Tehran, Mashhad, Tabriz, Shiraz, Isfahan, Ahwaz, and Kermanshah. So you can save your time and energy by flying to one city and flying out of another city! This probably will drop a domestic flight in Iran.

Qatar Airways is another superb choice to fly to Iran from Hong Kong! 

You can book your flights to Iran online with  Friendly Iran Tour Operator and Travel Agency. 

Is Iran safe to visit as a Hong Kong citizen?

“Currently Iran is dealing with coronavirus outbreak and traveling to Iran is neither recommended nor possible! To get the update information, when Iran starts receiving tourists again, stay in touch with our travel advisors”

Iran is super safe! It’s the safest country in the Middle East and based on traveler’s reviews even more safe than European countries!

As a result of the Media’s power, some people Imagine Iran as a complete unsafe area! Which is not true at all! Obviously, to some western countries who hold and control the most famous Media in the world, Iran is better to be off the table and to be considered as an unsafe tourist destination! However, Iran is pretty safe and secure!

In Iran it’s not legal to have guns or other weapons, it’s forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages and also you rarely can find a case of attacks happening to tourists.

FAQ: Traveling from Hong Kong to Iran Frequently Asked Questions

There is no Cantonese speaking tour guide in Iran and the closest language to Cantonese spoken in Iran is Chinese! The number of Chinese speaking tourist guides in Iran are few, still based on your early request we will provide you with a mainland Chinese speaking tour guide!

If you are familiar with the English language, we extremely suggest you choose our professional English speaking guides! Who is more experienced and knowledgeable!

Chinese restaurants in Iran are very luxurious and popular, although there are some changes in Chinese food recipes to adopt Iranian taste. Once you want to try Iranian-Chinese food it’s better to assume that as a new experience and not to compare the food with food in mainland China.  Here is a list of the best Chinese restaurants in Iran;

Chinese Restaurants in Tehran:

  • The Golden Dragon Restaurant
  • Monsoon Lounge
  • TBI Chinese Restaurant (Well-recommended by Chinese tourists)

Chinese Restaurant in Shiraz:

  • Dragon Chinese Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant in Yazd:

  • Your home Chinese restaurant

MTN- Irancell and Hamrah Aval are leading Sim-card providers in Iran. You can buy your Sim-card in less than 10 minutes, by holding your passport and referring to the communication service providers’ office (Called Daftar Khadamat Ertebati in Farsi) or the operators own agency!

Buying Sim Card in Iran seems to be so easy, however, in recent years there were some cases that had problems in registration Sim-cards or their Sim-cards didn’t work on their phone! What to do in this situation? How to fix your Iranian Sim Card?

We suggest you buy Sim-cards online before your trip to Iran.

Online shopping Iranian Simcard while you are in Hong Kong? Yes. FriendlyIran team offers purchasing and registration Sim-cards online with your credit card. By the time of Arrival, your Sim cards will be handed to you in Tehran.

Due to sanctions against Iran, you cannot use any type of non-Iranian credit card. Yet, you can have your Iranian debit card and avoid carrying cash all the time.

Read more about Iranian tourist cards, here.

FAQ Iran Visa for HKSAR Passport Holders

Iran Embassy in Hong Kong, Contacts:

Address: Unit 701, 7/F, Sun’s Group Center, 200 Gloucester Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Call: +852 2845 8005


Working hours: Monday to Friday – 8:30 to 17:00

Picking up visa at : 14:00 to 15:00

Note: Iran Embassy in Hong Kong is closed based on Iran and China official holiday Calendars

As long as you travel to Iran with a Hong Kong passport you can travel visa-free for 21 days and having other passports will not affect your visa situation.

What country’s passport are you holding? If you are traveling to Iran you should look up the Visa requirements of the valid passport that you are traveling with.


Planning to visit Iran with UK – US – Canadian passport?

Guide to Iran Visa for American / Canadian / the English Citizens.

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