Big Group Tours to Iran

Big Group Tours to Iran


“How nice it would be if the whole world comes together as one happy family, if we could all keep sharing all the things we have – what joy, what peace, what contentment!”

A very Meaningful and nice statement from a community called Samratchana (means “Total Protection”) in Chennai, India, where “Baba” and his followers try to bring the whole world under one roof and live with love. They believe we are brothers and sisters and children of God. The campus houses a few Hindu temples, a mosque, a church, a Buddha temple and a Jain temple. They also travel to know the humans all over the world and send them peace, friendship and love messages.

Baba and the community are interested in spirituality and religion, and travel to different religious and holy places, visiting holy shrines and temples and meeting religious leaders.

Iran is a country full of different cultures and religions and a lot of holy places like ancient mosques, cathedrals, fire temples, Synagogue, holy shrines and ancient cemeteries. Friendly Iran group would happily arrange an itinerary to cover the interests of these kind of communities who are eager to travel and explore the mentioned places.

We can happily plan and customize your itinerary for Iran group tour such as big families, huge group of friends, community members, cult followers and the affinity groups with common interests. Based on your interests we can tailor-made the tour schedule and provide your required services to visit your favorite highlights in main cities and even arrange your tour to explore remote attractions with your preformed group at reasonable prices under your budget limit.


As a consequence of forming a large tour group, friendly Iran would offer special discounts upon Iran tour expenses covering accommodation, catering, tour escort, transferring, Iran visa services and Iran travel insurance fees.

In May 2018, one of Indian community members and their “Baba” (Siva Shankar Baba), formed a large group tour (25 passengers), traveled to Iran and visited the main cities and their highlights. We are proud to have been their host, and provide their required services, based on their interests and budget limit.


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