Jashk Salt Dome 

 an Amazing Geological Attractions in Iran

Are you interested in adding off-beaten attractions to your Iran tour?!

Salt dome or as Iranian call it Kuh-e Namak, is one of the magnificent natural beauties all over the world. Jashk salt dome also known as Dashti salt dome is the biggest sample in Iran and also middle east. This colorful mountain covers an area of about 3660 hectares on the Southern slope of Zagros Mountains, in Bushehr province.

You will be surprised by the variety of attractions here, salt waterfalls and salt springs, making different salty shapes in the water such as Cauliflowers, and salt caves full of stunning salt crystals. Different colors, red, brown, yellow, black and white, has made this attraction so matchless among the other 114 salt domes in south of Iran.

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Salt glaciers are another majestic treasure of the area. The name glacier is showing the similarity of salt and snow. You never can recognize a salt dome from a snow-covered mountain in the distance. The adorable points about this similarity is the green land full of flowers which exists some steps away from the glaciers ?

Best time to visit the waterfalls is from mid Spring till autumn and as this phenomenon is located near Persian Gulf, you will have the chance to explore the southern ports and enjoy different water sports such as diving.



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