Mankind’s kind and clever friend

Mankind’s kind and clever friend

Mankind’s kind and clever friend

Dolphins have for long been recognized as mankind’s friend in the legends and myths of different nations. Their figures are carved on stones. Greek ancient coins signify a man (god) riding over a dolphin. In Iranian culture, dolphins are seen beside shells, pearls and lilies, which are three symbols for patriotism.
There are several behaviors attributed to these animals which are of high attraction for mankind:
For sure you have already heard that dolphins are too smart and learn so fast. On of their privileges is their hearing ability which is so powerful. They use this adjective for determining locations. Studies have shown that dolphins use their hearing power to imagine several figures. Therefore each sound signifies a thing in their mind. They actually see through hearing.
Its skin is a protection against water. Their skin is gray on the top of their body. The skin of its stomach camouflages with the color of the seafloor and makes it hard to find underwater.
They spend several hours of a day to cradle each other. They are living in group style and are social animals which live together. If you separate them from each other they will be depressed and that may even eventuates in their death. They know how social life is valuable.

Apart from altruism, this kind animal has proved its loyalty to human being for numerous times. They help men in fishing and if a shark is going to attack a man, dolphins will secure them by swimming around them in a revolving way. They also use to visit their old friends on the beaches without any fear.

If you want to travel to Iran, do not miss visiting these beautiful creatures in Gheshm which is an island located in the north of Hormoz strait. Since the picture of this island is like a dolphin, it may be deeply related to these animals. One of the most attractive things in this island are dolphins. When you are wandering around in a boat in blue waters near the island, you may see bunch of dolphins coming out between boats as if they are welcoming you.

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