One of the spectacular water activity clubs in Kish Island is certainly the Marina Kish, locating in the Marina Park Hotel on the eastern side of the island.

Marina Kish Water Sports;

Almost all kinds of water sports are available at Marina Kish with all needed equipment and supportive team close by beach lounge and restaurants.

Snorkeling, Diving, Kayak, paddleboard, parasail, sailing, cruise tours, renting a yacht, and a lot more are waiting for you at Marina Kish Sports Club.

Top Water Activities in Marina Kish


A famous Marine fun that always was received well by the tourists. A wonderful option for a peaceful afternoon on the sea!

There are places to do kayaking far from waves and enjoy your kayak time for hours. The Kayaks are in three types of paddle Kayak, pedal kayak, and paddle-pedal kayak.

Capacity: 1 and 2 people 

Type: Relaxing – Easy

Age limit: 1 Adult with +3-year-old kid

Stand up Paddleboard:

Suitable for everyone!

The paddleboards made by Hobie Cat Company are powered by your feet, and works as a bicycle! You can easily learn how it works and has fun with it regardless of your age!

If you look for long term fun, you can take your fishing and snorkeling equipment, drive your paddleboard to the middle of the sea and come back after hours of adventure!

Capacity: 1 people 

Type: Relaxing

Age limit: +10 

Catamaran Wind Surfing

The catamaran is a two-holed boat that sails with wind power. This boat ride challenges the power and speed of the wind and has all beauty, security, and resistance. The catamaran is a great choice for windy weather and un-calm sea condition.

Capacity: 2 people 

Type: Exciting – High Adrenaline

Age limit: +18 


Experience flying over the seas! One of the most fun experiences in Kish is parasailing! It’s so exciting and relaxing in the same time!

In Parasailing, also called Parakiting and Parascending, you’ll be tied to a parachute and pulled by a powerful boat and then you go higher and higher!

Capacity: 2 people (based on weight)

Type: Relaxing – Easy

Age limit: +10 (based on shape)

Scuba diving:

Discover the underwater world, swim to the land of corals, crabs, starfishes, tulips, ornamental and edible fishes!

Stunning diving experience in the Persian Gulf with excellent diving lessons and equipment.

Normal: 5-10 Mins Training and 15 Mins Underwater.

VIP Scuba Diving: Advance Scuba diving training and Diving, all in 3 hours

Capacity: No limit 

Type: Relaxing- Exciting

Age limit: +12

Marina Kish Yacht Rental - Charter Your Private Boat

Sail on blue seas on a luxury boat! A fabulous adventure for families and children! Full of fun and joy!

luxury Boat riding of Kish is the number one fun in the island, the best for kids under 10 years old, senior travelers and even couples who like to just relax and seize the moment!

Azimut Yacht Rental

One of the most beautiful and desirable yachts in Kish! A wonderful choice for families and friends in a big group!

Capacity: up to 14 people

Average duration: 1 hour (can be extended)

NC11 Jeanneau Yacht Rental

Proper for small group sizes looking for a fun ride in Persian Gulf !

Capacity: up to 6 people

Average duration: 1 hour (can be extended)

Merry Fisher 695 Marlin Yacht Rental

If you are into fishing this one is the best option! Suitable price with a special fishing offer!


Sailing package:

Capacity: up to 6 people

Average duration: 1 hour (can be extended)


Fishing package: 

Capacity: up to 4 people

Average duration: 3 hours

Bonus: Snack!