Nomads, people who believe that life is a journey, begin each day with sunshine in pure nature.

Nomad (Ashayer) is a tribe who migrates with their folks, belongings, goats, mules, and sheep from one place to another. During winters, they move to the warmer countryside and return to cooler regions in summers. In Iran, there are different tribes that still have kept their nomadic lifestyle including Lurs, Kurds, Arabs, Turkmen, Qashqai, Azerbaijanis, Shahsavans and Afshars. They mostly live in Fars, Chahar Mahal Bakhtiari, Kohkiluyeh & Boyerahmad, Kerman, Lorestan, Khuzestan, Zanjan and Mazandaran Provinces. Nomads’ economy is based on herding and they are the main producer of many authentic Iranian handicrafts such as Klim, Gabbe, Carpet, Giveh, Choogha, Toobreh, Jajim, etc. Accordingly, Our Iran Nomad Tours provide authentic travel experiences and unique opportunities to meet and trek with nomads, learn about their culture, stay in their handmade black tents and taste their organic local food. Moreover, nomad tours represent responsible and sustainable tourism.


Iran Nomad Tour packages

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10 Days Iran Bavanat Tour

Visiting Iran’s nature and cultural attractions will provide you with an unforgettable experience. Undiscovered places and hidden treasures are the main focus of this tour.


Iran Nomad Tour

shiraz > Firuzabad > Shiraz > Sepidan > Yasuj > Shahrekord > Isfahan > Abyaneh > Tehran

The distinction of this tour is being Zagros Mountains route and it’s unique nature that defiantly you don’t experience that before.
People who well know that life is a journey, begin their days with sunshine and flowers in the lap of nature. Have Simple life but great soul and beside from the glamorous modern life, still have kept their promise and make our life easy by providing our basic necessities. The songs of their daily life mixed with sing of birds, laugh of children, sound of sheep bells and Harmonious symphony by female carpet weavers with smell of bread, soil and grass that save the Portrait of women with colorful clothes, brown tents ,blue sky and green grass in your mind forever.