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For Our Peaceful World / Friendlyiran CEO Letter about Tehran Attacks

Our world needs a Tender God not the one the Isis talks about; their god is not the Muslims’ God or even any other religion.

Unfortunately, in the recent shocking terrorist attack in the capital of Iran we’ve lost some of our innocent compatriots. The attack is an exception after 35 years of no terror attack in Tehran. After Paris, London and Manchester, Tehran becomes their target for scaring the people.

Iran is completely ready to resist against them, so measures over the years to create the security in the country has continued and even reinforced.

Iranians were always looking for peace, Love and Monotheism through their religion, culture and history. One of our greatest goals in the tourism industry is to show the real face of Iran and the Iranian people to the world.  We have chosen this industry to bring the message of love and peace to the world and because we believe race, nationality, language, skin color and religion cannot separate people from each other.

As an Iranian we have learned through our religion, culture and civilization that everything is summarized in one word, Humanity.

In the end, we ask for tranquility for all of the people from our Tender God.

Mohammad Yazdanpanah

Gardeshgaran Group CEO


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