Top 20 Motives to Visit Iran (4)

16. Ta’rof!

As we talked about it at the first step, being Friendly is the most amazing feature of travelling to Iran. Iranians always treat their guest in the best possible way. Taarof is a unique Persian culture makes you feel not a stranger at all, although it may cause some cultural misunderstanding ?…It can’t be described in words, so Befarmaeed az nazdik bebinid…



17. Alamut

The fabled Alamut Valley offers a tempting invitation to hike, enjoy, explore and reflect among the fabled Castles of the Assassins. More than 50 fortresses that were once home to the medieval world’s most feared religious cult choose a day hike from Qazvin or more extensive wanderings from Gazor Khan, a full trans-Alborz crossing to the Caspian hinterland, an off-road tour in the heart of over 100-year-old jungles. Either way, this is some of the most rewarding hiking to be found in the Middle East.



18. Shiraz, the city of Literature

Even in the poorest home you’ll find two books: the Quran and the Divaneh Hafez. It’s appropriate for a country whose most celebrated sons are poets, and where almost every person can quote their favorite millennium-old man of words. In Shiraz, the city of nightingales, roses and gardens, the tombs of Hafez and Sa’di draw pilgrims from around the country. Join them as they linger over tea, reciting the works of their heroes, playing traditional Persian instruments and find out your answers among Hafiz Fals


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19. Cheetah

You may wonder “Are there cheetahs in Iran??”…the answer is YES, although…

Iran is trying to save one of the world’s critically endangered species, the Asiatic cheetah. The Iranian cheetah, one of the fastest animals on earth, ranged long time ago from the Red Sea to India, nowadays its numbers shrunk to the level that it is hanging on by a thin thread. The survivors in Iran are estimated from 50 to 70 animals, mostly in the east part of the country.



20. Zoroastrian Fire Temples

Iran is an Islamic Republic, but varieties of religious sites amaze everyone. It’s Zoroastrian sites have an otherworldly charm. Chak Chak, out in a deliciously remote location in the Yazd hinterland, has a superb fire temple with a stunning brass door, even more stunning views, and an air of ritual, ancient and deep. This was the Zoroastrian heartland and remains its most significant pilgrimage site. It’s difficult to come here and not imagine yourself in the days before Islam arrived in Iran. There are other fire temples in Kerman and Yazd.


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