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FriendlyIran Tour Operator is an experienced Iranian Tour and Travel Factory. Relying on our 20 years of Experience in Tourism industry, supplying Iran inbound and outbound travel services, we tend to make the dream of travelling in Iran come true.

Our mission is providing our dear customers with group and private tour packages in Iran. From All-inclusive Luxury Iran tours to the Budget tour offers and professionally tailor-made Iran travel packages, FriendlyIran tour operators aim to have most flexibility and keep the quality in the highest possible level for the clients’ convenience and joy.

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Iran hotels

You will be faced with list of different hotels in travel to Iran. lets help you based on our several experience in Iran’s tourism industry and Based on feedback of travelers.Here are our recommended list of iran hotels in main cities of Iran .

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We Create Persian Experiences

On a private basis for you…

Looking for something a little bit different? Something just and just right for you?

A tailored experience offers you the flexibility to choose your own path, pace, places, passion for activities, particular time, and people that suits your taste, mood, interest and pocket. whether you want to stay in fancy or simple accommodation, traditional homestays, or even camping at nowhere, use private or public transportations, eating at the best city restaurants or the vibrant street kitchens among locals, we can create an Iran tour package just for you. Allow our team to control the process from start to the end. Here we are, the choice is yours…

Frequently asked questions

  1. How can I book an Iran tour package?

By sending your Iran tour inquiry you can consider the job Done! Leave the rest for us 😊. You can start this process via email, whats app, facebook, telegram, online chat and many other channels. Friendlyiran agents are ready to advise you round the clock.

  1. How should I proceed the booking of my Iran tour?

At the first step we Finalize your itinerary, services and quotation together, then with having your information (passport copy, photo and visa application form) the Iran visa process will start.

The Booking will be confirmed with making the deposit. After Receiving the visa code, you need to Have your visa stamped at the Iran embassy in your country or at Iran airport. The final step is to pay the balance at your arrival in cash. Enjoy your Persia journey from the first moments to the end…

  1. What travel documents do I need to travel to Iran?

For Iran Visa applying, we need the following items: Valid passport copy, Photo and Visa application form

For Booking process, we need the following items: Valid Passport Copy and Deposit

For Entering Iran, you need: Passport, Visa code and Insurance


  1. Can I use my credit card to pay the tour cost?

Because of the remained sanctions against Iran, transferring money to Iran has its own way 😊 based on your origin and the amount of money we will arrange a transfer channel for you with the help of our partners all around the world. So, credit card does not work for money transfer to Iran.

  1. What are Top Hotels in Iran?

Majestic and Luxury Hotels in Iran with high quality of services and standard level of 5*, are centralized in Tehran. In other cities of Iran, there are only a few 5* level of accommodation. Most of Iran luxurious hotels on the eye of people reviews on Tirpadvisor are:

Zandieh Hotel                                True 5* experience! Excellent rooms and service! Couldn’t Expect More!

Espinas Palace Hotel                    Brilliant helpful staff, delicious food, great views!

Kayla Laleh Park                            Excellent Hospitality! Very Nice Hotel with high International Standards!


  1. Where to stay in Iran instead of hotels?

Based on Trip advisor reviews, Iran’s Traditional boutique hotels are named as one of the best choices to overnight in Iran. The high satisfaction of overnighting in these boutique hostels is for the experience of Iranian architecture style, ornaments, yard and specially the good price and value for money!


  1. How to book cheapest hotels in Iran?

Nowadays, guesthouses, homestays and hostels are the cheapest accommodation in Iran, and also the most popular and requested one! The organic food with the lovely atmosphere of Iranian villages and visiting nomads and tribes are the gains of experiencing sleeping in Iranian homestays.

  1. What are the requirements for Iran visa?

Basically to get Iran entry approval as a visa, you need to present:

  • Passport (Validity : 6 months at least)
  • Personal photo (White background)
  • Filling out visa application form
  • A governmental, visa stamp fee


  1. How to travel to Iran without visa?

All nationalities can travel to Free zones in Iran, like Qeshm and Hormoz and also Kish Island without visa.

The people from Syria, Georgia, Bolivia, Egypt, Lebanon, Malaysia, Venezuela, Armenia, Turkey and Azerbaijan can travel to main land of Iran without visa. Visa free entry to Iran, is conditioned for specific period of stay.


  1. How much Iran visa costs?
  • The paperwork fee for the agency: 45 Euro
  • The visa stamp fee (0 – 120 Euro, based on passport nationality)


  1. Which nationalities need fulltime guide in Iran?

Americans, Brits and Canadians need to have fulltime guide, while they are in Iran.


  1. What are term and conditions to get Iran visa for American Citizens?

Tracking code of Iran visa for American, Canadian and British travelers, needs social activity information in addition to other requirements, and takes between 30-45 working days.

  1. How to book travel insurance for Iran?

You can simply insure your travel to Iran a few days before your tour, through the assistance of Iranian local travel agency.

  1. What are the coverage of Iranian travel insurance?

Iranian travel insurance usually covers: Refund of Treatment Expenses; Repatriation to home, Legal Support, Loss of Document and Luggage

  1. Is it a must to have travel insurance for Iran?

Yes, everyone who comes to Iran should provide him/herself with travel insurance. Weather before the arrival or once they got to the airport.

  1. How much Iran travel insurance cost?

Usually travel insurance for traveling to Iran costs about 15- 30 Euro.

  1. Is it safe to travel to Iran?

Make the intention of Visiting Iran real is depend on the Iran image in international medias, BUT does censorship in our world today allows you to receive TRUE information?!

Iran is the same as every other country all around the world. Every day many things happen here, good or bad. Car accidents, cultural festivals, political events, baby borns, making friendships, burglaries, and much more usual happenings….so We are Normal, we are IRAN

  1. Can I travel to Iran as a solo traveler?

Yes!…travelling as a solo woman is going to raise more and more these days, Iranians hospitality make your travel as a solo woman unforgettable, meeting locals, making friends, and many local experiences.


Friendly iran tour operator

Travel to persia  travel to . . .

« Great experience of Iran with FriendlyIran »

We had the occasion to discover Iran for holidays in August 2017 during our family trip with our two teenagers.

After having searched on the web for local travel agents, we started discussions through the webchat of Friendlyiran travel agency. Their staff has been very proactive to suggest different sites to visit, and package the itinerary according to our desires.

We’ve spent 16 days  in individual trip (transportation with private van and dedicated driver), with local guides and sites visits arranged in each city : Shiraz, Persepolis, Kerman, Bam and Rayen citadels, a fantastic off road tour in Lut desert, Yazd, Isfahan, Kashan, Tehran.

Everywhere, we felt very safe, and surprised by the kindness of habitants who often engaged in conversation with us.

Everything was perfectly organised, a big thanks to Samane from FriendlyIran !

The Piguet family



Dear friends,

The beauty of the places we visited was beyond description, but the hospitality and warmth of Iranian people throughout the entire trip was truly extraordinary. FRIENDLIEST IRAN.
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