How to get on arrival Iran visa in 2018? Is it necessary to have Iran visa as a permission to enter Iran? So many tourists who plan to travel to Iran wonder; how and when to proceed to get Iran visa? And, How to get Urgent Iran visa for travelling?

This article is about most important tips to get Iran visa (Iran tourist visa) and hints to have Iran visa on arrival.


iran visa

  1. Who can get Iran visa on arrival?

Tourists who are planning to visit Iran, can have their visa on arrival at Iran international airports. Iran visa on arrival for Diplomats, Officials? Iran visa on arrival is specified to tourist type of visa. Diplomats, official passport holders cannot have visa on arrival to Iran. Which nationalities can have Iran VOA? Most of the nationalities can have Iran visa at the airport.

Which nationality cannot have VOA of Iran? USA, UK, Canada, India, Colombia, Somalia, Jordan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan passport holders cannot have Iran visa on arrival.

  1. Where can we get Iran visa on arrival?

Tourists can have their Iran visa on arrival stamped on their passport in all international airports in Iran, Tehran Imam Khomeini (IKA), Mehrabad (THR), Shiraz (SYZ), Esfahan (IFN), Mashhad (MHD), Tabriz (TBZ) and Kish (KIH).


  1. Requirements and Needed documents for Iran VOA Visa?

Requirements for Tourist visa on arrival are:


  1. How much Iran visa on Arrival costs?

If you want to have Iran visa on arrival you will skip the Iran visa service, which is normally 45 Euro.

In any case, tourists should pay a cost as Iran visa stamping fee.


The Iran visa stamp fee for Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Czech, Denmark, Romania, Sweden, Swiss, French, Finland, Luxemburg, Poland, Norway, Netherland, Belgium, Portuguese, Thailand passport holders is 75 uro for VOA type of Iran visa.

Iran Visa Cost Table:

Nationality VOA Iran visa Fee Nationality VOA Iran visa Fee
Mexico 45 €uro Sierra Leon 120 €uro
Australia 145 €uro Croatia 50  €uro
Argentina 85 €uro S Korea 50 €uro
Brazil 100 €uro Malaysia 10 €uro
China 120 €uro Venezuela 55 €uro
Russia 85 €uro Vietnam 110 €uro
Japan 60 €uro India 50 €uro
Sri Lanka 40 €uro Hong Kong 80 €uro


  1. Tips to get Iran Visa on Arrival:


  1. How to get Visa on Arrival (VOA) for American Passport holders?

Americans, US citizen should have their visa stamped before their entry to Iran. Click here for tips about Iran visa for Americans, Canadians and British passport holders.

  1. Is it possible to get Iran visa on arrival for Indian passport holders?

Tourists with Indian citizenship should get Iran visa before entry and arrival to Iran. Having the visa at the airport (VOA) is not possible for Indian nationalities.


Stay on Safe Side!

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