Tourism has potential for being a long-term activity for the planet. So, the kids who are the future kings of the earth play a significant role in this activity.
When we plan our family holidays, if we consider travelling with our children we should provide the situation for them to have fun and learn during the trip, it will bring us closer to responsible tourism and leads us to a more sustainable world and the third generation of tourism called Creative Tourism. Traveling with your family and kids is wonderful mixture of recreation and education.

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When you think about traveling to Iran, as a cultural destination in the middle east maybe you do not consider it as a kid-friendly destination. That is not true! There is no need to leave your beloved children at home with a babysitter or their grandma! Do not hesitate to bring your kids to Iran because:

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Iran Family-Oriented Accommodation

Your accommodation in Iran can also be an attraction itself. You can stay together in family suites of boutique hotels or Eco-lodges in the small towns and villages, traditional houses and nomads or desert camps. No matter where you stay, it will be of good quality as standard and more. Besides the mentioned advantages, the prices in above types of accommodation are so reasonable for families.
As the kids are usually fussy eaters, we can ensure that colorful Iranian cuisine makes them enthusiastic to experience new tastes and eat well. If you have a big family who are eager to explore Iran with kids, we in friendlyiran can happily plan and customize your itinerary for family tours and group tours to Iran.

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