Iranian Traditional House

Iranian Traditional House

It would be interesting for you to knowing about Iranian Traditional house, If you are looking for a different journey away from modern world and get familiar with Iranian cultural. The hotels in all around the world beside from some difference are quite similar in the basic structure and certainly, If you’re looking for new things you won’t find it and I suggest you accommodation or visiting this houses.Houses of countries represents a real culture of each country and of course you will find the Iranian temperament, custom, culture, art and architecture by visiting their homes .In the structure of this houses you will encounter with interesting details like the interior and exterior of homes, which is perhaps indicate the two and different aspect of Persian moral characters in and out of home , windows with colored glass usually “red, yellow, blue and green that in during day created beauty sun light that derived from their happiness spirits, Yard with a fish pond, trees and flowers, and there were a good place for gathering family and friends in the afternoon with put a wooden bed in this and other attractions that maybe you will find yourself .I’m sure you will enjoy of visiting or staying in this house and it would be a memorable part time of your trip of Iran.

One of the features of Traditional houses on most cities of Iran is the large area .The especial specifications of this architecture is two interior and exterior part that return to Iranian Beliefs. Exterior include as Hashti and Dalan-e-vorudi that are Entering the doorway one steps into a small enclosed transitional space called Hashti. Here one is forced to redirect one’s steps away from the street and into the hallway, called Dalan e Vorudi.

Perhaps this could be considered that the yard was the interface and center between interior and exterior part of Iranian house. Usually,every yard has a pool and garden that depending on local conditions such as climate and cultural factors will have different shapes.
Then we get into the interior part that include the hall, living room, kitchen and bathroom but with Iranian details and structure. Talar or Hall was the room larger than normal rooms with Persian art details ,such as , mirror work, Mogharnas and were decorated with paint on wood. On both sides of the courtyard were rooms for time that houses didn’t equipment as heating and cooling devices, they were staying in different part ,in different season of the year. Most houses hadn’t bathroom and members of family used public bathroom in city that was actually as hobby for people to get together . The roof or (mahtabi) was part of Iranian house that sometimes like in summer time used as a courtyard for sleeping. In the room were colorful glassy(stained) windows that it would be interesting to know these had unique usage, first the beautiful light that created by shining sun to them the harmony like heaven and then designed to be seen from inside and didn’t have view when you stay out of room that we call it reflection today.
Colors used in the decoration of buildings affected by the climatic characteristics of each region. and you will see the different part as windcatcher,Godal baghche,Shah neshin room and … that all of them according to climatic conditions and social level were different in the house.

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