Christmas in Iran

Around 25th December to the 6th January, at the time that Christmas holidays coming, the Armenian residency and fashionable shops turn on a new decor and make a pleasant vibe.

In Armenian district the smell of doughnuts and coffee comes from little confectionaries, making every passenger set foot in the shop and buy some delicious sweets. Energetic mothers with their children looking for chic clothes and charming gifts, walk in the streets, laughing and enjoying their time.

The official religion of Iran is Islam and majority of Iranian people are Muslims, yet Iran population have about 3 hundred Christians who are freely living in Iran, believing in their religious heritage. Moreover, They Celebrate Christmas every year, attending church services, decorating their houses with pine trees, lights and Santa doll and gathering together as a family.

Jesus Christ is a highly respected prophet in the world of Islam and Christmas is also an exciting event for Muslim youths. They go shopping in Armenian quarters, congratulating New Christian Year to their Iranian and non-Iranian friends.

Most of Azerbaijan Province was the residential district of Armenian people from the ancient time, and about 180 lovely and beautiful churches located in this region. Some of these Churches are UNESCO world heritage, named The Armenian Monastic Ensembles of Iran, in the north-west of the country, consist of three monastic ensembles of the Armenian Christian faith: St Thaddeus and St Stepanos and the Chapel of Dzordzor.

From early times that Christianity came to Iran, so many Armenian merchants made deals with Indians through Bandar Abbas and Shiraz.

The most beautiful Christmas festival in Iran is held in Armenian Quarter of Isfahan, which named as Jolfa! It feels like you are in Armenia when you walk through the pavement in the Jolfa region. There, people speak their mother tongue, Armenian language, with an adorable accent. The cosy shops are just the same as Armenian shops. Have you ever heard about Armenian coffee? Coffee shops in Jolfa region serve a tasty coffee. There are some famous churches located in Jolfa Area, such as Vank cathedral and St. Mary Church. Christian New Year holiday in Iran, visiting Iran historical places while you make yourself at home!

How We Celebrate Christmas in Iran

On 1st of Jan, The ceremony of sacrifice begins. Families enter the yard of churches, kiss the relatives. Children play, and adults do greetings. At the exact time of 12:00 when bells ring, the sound of silence is all you will hear, everybody looks at the sky and pray, turn on candles, then people sing a traditional song while their tears wash out their faces.

On 5th of Jan, Armenians break their fasting, doing communion in Church. For the consecration, they give some butter to families to add to their meals.

In the Christian New Year eve family members gather together around the Christmas tree and pray and then attend to church services. Pine trees ornamented by colourful glass balls and shining lights. Under the Christmas trees, there are always gifts. Some family members put on Santa clause clothes, and some hire a Santa claus to give presents to the children.

Are you planning to spend Christmas holidays in Iran?

Joining Iranian Christmas in the holiday is a new experience that is different than all Christmas times that you ever had. Every year stylish tourists who like to try new things don’t lose the opportunity of joining Iran Christmas tours in 2018. During this Christian holiday, you can still do Christian communion, ceremonies and join the gatherings with lovely Armenian Christians. A fabulous beginning to the New Year 2018, in Persia!

This Iran tour for Christian New Year holiday is fixed in the Vacation time, but via ignoring the Iranian Christmas celebrations in Isfahan, you can have the same tour in all time of the year!

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You should choose a travel agency in Iran that have competent programs, especially in this great Christian holidays.

From 24th of Dec to 6th of Jan, when the schools are closed, and it’s time to give yourself an easy time to go on a trip, Go ahead and make your decision to be in Iran for this Christmas! Don’t let yourself wondering where to go! The next destination for 2018 New Year holidays is Iran!

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