Peace Making Alleys

In today’s modern world, development in technology has made our life a better facilitated one, but wherever we are in this vast great world, we need a moment to get out of this fast time machine in order to seek out our childhood good memories and peaceful traditional moments, remember our old houses and memories that we have missed so long. Walking in old alleys may remind us that golden moments and help us feel better.

Iranian old alleys and houses have their own specific stories reflecting the culture of their ancient residents filled with pleasant memories. When you step out of the old houses designed artistically by the old-style architecture, at the first glance you would be attracted by the flowers that have embellished the walls of these houses’ halfway height and their lovely fragrance fills the whole alleys. No vehicle could pass through the alleys, therefore next to every house, a platform was designed for those who wanted to take a breath. These platforms are also a good place for women to gather around in the evenings for friendly talks. The alleys that were close to shrines and holy places were designed in a way that the domes were clearly seen from most of the doorways. If these alleys were close to Bazaars, they ended at the entrance of a specific corridor of the bazaar. So, sometimes to reach the main street the people were supposed to pass marketplaces and corridors.


Ghahr-o Ashti alleys:

You may find this story interesting. In the past, some of the alleys in Iran were built so narrowly that only one person could pass at a time. Therefore, if two people were walking in the opposite directions simultaneously they would inevitably come across and in the cases that they were mad with it became an excuse to say hello and put aside any annoyances.

If you are eager to travel to old Persia and feel the peaceful atmosphere of the old quarters, try visiting “Ghahro Ashti” and other winding alleys, there are still such places in ancient cities like Shiraz, Yazd, and Kashan.

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