Qeshm the Island of seven Wonders

Qeshm Island, one of the most amazing Iran destinations, is known as the island of seven wonders.
The wonderful island of Qeshm, located in the south of Iran, is the biggest island in the Persian Gulf. This piece of land surrounded by smaller islands in the middle of the blue waters forms a breathtaking nature that is so unique in terms of geology and geography.
In this article, we present some of the major attractions of this region.


Qeshm Geopark

Geopark of Qeshm Island is the first geopark in the Middle East and has been recognized as one of the UNESCO-sponsored Geoparks since 2006. Geopark is an area in which are several geological phenomena. It may also have historical, ecological, archaeological, and other cultural and natural heritages in addition to geological phenomena. 

This area consists of 25 Geosites, including Star Valley, Qeshm Roof, Tandis-ha Valley, Shur Valley, Chah Kuh Canyon, Karyan Canyon, Karagh Beach, Ghazi Valley, Naz Island, Hara Forest, Turtles nesting beach, Loft VillageKhorbas Cave, Dokoohak birds’ wetland, etc.

Stars Valley

This site represents one of the most beautiful geological appearances in the Persian Gulf that formed by Erosion of sedimentary rocks. Regarding a folk tale, “once upon a time, a huge star fell on the village and made a design on the soil and stone, resulted in this strange shape.” Although this place is marvelous during the night for star observing and the stars look so close that can be touched by hands, it is very scaring due to air flowing in the valleys making strange sounds.

Hara Forest (Mangrove)

The combination of hot and dry climate with saltwater provides conditions for the growth of the Avicennia marina tree in Qeshm. This plant is a kind of Mangrove tree that forms Hara Forest in the Qeshm Geopark.

Mangrove trees that can grow in saltwater, cover more than 2000-kilometer square of the Qeshm Island. These trees grow to heights of three to eight meters and has bright green leaves and twigs and usually bear sweet almond-like fruits from July to August. You can go with a boat among the beautiful trees and enjoy the unique nature and silence of this forest.

Salt Cave

If we move toward the west of Qeshm Island far from the downtown, we reach one of the most beautiful masterpieces of nature. This mysterious site is like a vacant and unknown place in the world. It is the longest salt cave on earth with more than 6 km length. According to recent researches, breathing in the caves is useful for curing asthma.

Talla Wells

Situated 30 km from the international airport of Qeshm, these wells formed the Achaemenid and Zoroastrian-era water storage technology that stored the clean rainwater and kept it cool for a long time. Each of these wells was dug in a different geometric shape. The number of wells is 366 that returns to the numbers of the days in the year that on each day, the people opened the door of one well and used the water.

On top of these wells, there are two garrets monuments date back to the 17th century. On the other hand, the windcatchers of the Loft village on both sides of this historical landscape create a marvelous view.

Chahkooh Canyon
A magnificent 100-meter deep valley known as the Chahkuh Strait lies at the eastern part of Qeshm Island which amazes many visitors with its special features. During thousands of years, all natural elements, including wind and water, have worked together to form this beautiful geological appearance.

Portuguese Castle
This rectangular fortress was built on an area of more than two thousand square meters in 1507 for militaria purposes by a Portuguese general named Afonso de Albuquerque. The castle architecture is a combination of limestone and gypsum with local mortar of the Qeshm Island.

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