Travel customs in Iran

Travel is always an enjoyable part of our life. Going and visiting the astonishing differences of the world, beauties and having good memories could be another good point of traveling. Each person has/his own reason for travel such as business, pilgrimage, leisure and etc; but all have a common effect on one’s life and it is decision making to leave our home, family, and friends and step into a way of experiencing the world. In Persian culture, when someone of dearest goes on a journey have a special traditional and fascinated custom that may be interesting to you. All the ceremonies that are done for a traveler are with the aim of wishing safe travel, Custom such as pouring water behind of traveler( after his/her left home), passing under the Quran before traveling, cooking Ash(kind of stew-like soup that cooked someday maybe about a week after his/her left home) and …

pouring water behind of traveler: Water has always been holy in Iranian culture and pouring water behind loved ones who have decided to travel, is the symbol of wishing safety for the traveler in his/her travel. There is an interesting story dates back to the Sassanid era and one of its governor named Hormozan. He arrested and took to Medina (Saudi Arabia) and Khalifa ordered to kill him. Hormozan asked for a little water before being killed, But he lingered in drinking water, and when was asked the reason; he stated I fear to kill me and Khalifa guaranteed he will be safe until he drinks. Suddenly he poured the water on the ground and Khalifa, who defeated by the intelligence of the Persian governor, kept his promise and let him went. it is the story that led to this custom.

Passing under the Quran: Although the trips are not as difficult as in the past, always we are concern about our dearest having a safe trip. One of the Iranian traditions for passengers is passing under the Quran. When passengers are ready to travel, at the time of goodbye, they pass three times under the Quran(the holy book of Muslims) to be safe during his/her trip.

cooking Ash: About Three days after travel, the traveler’s family or loved ones make Ash( kind of food like soup, ingredients used are reshteh (thin noodles), onion, chickpeas, black eye beans, lentils, herbs such as parsley, spinach, kashk (a whey-like dairy product), oil, salt, and pepper) and share it to their neighbors and relatives to make good wishes for the traveler for having a good and safe trip and to show that they are in the memory of the traveler.

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