7-Day Tochal and Shemshak Ski Tour

Tochal ski resort is the fifth-highest resort in the world located almost inside the capital, Tehran. From its cable car, you can see magnificent views of snow-covered Damavand mountain. 

Shemshak ski resort, the second largest ski area in Iran after Dizin, is situated just about 55 minutes’ drive from Tehran. It includes two ski lifts, three dish telesis and two Hammer teleskis. There are also lighting facilities for night skiing.

Iran Unique Music Tour

Iran is the birthplace of many arts such as different kinds of music, architecture, and literature. some of these ancient arts were dead but some are still alive.

There are several traditional Persian pieces of music that belong to different parts of Iran such as Khorasani, Torkaman, and Mazandarani in the northeast, Yazleh, Bandari, Dashti and Zaar in the south, Kurdish, Bakhtiari, Lorestani, and Gilaki in the west, and northwest of the country and many other Iranian local music.

10 Days Iran Bavanat Tour

Iran Nomad Tour

Nomads have Simple life but the great soul and still have kept their customs. The songs of their daily life mixed with the sing of birds, laugh of children, the sound of sheep bells and a harmonious symphony by female carpet weavers with the smell of bread, soil, and grass. You can save the portrait of women in colorful traditional clothes beside the black tents under the blue sky working on green lands in your mind forever.

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