9-Day Iran Tour: A Walk through Persian Gulf Cuisine and Culture

Having a four-season climate with the diversity of ancient cultures makes Iran a fabulous and exciting destination to travel to. This trip is going to be heaven for those who love seafood, aromatic spices, and Mediterranean cuisine and climate.

The specific climate conditions of Hormozgan Province as being close to the adorable Persian Gulf has created a spotless environment for interesting food biodiversity. The culinary culture of the Persian Gulf Islands extensively differs from the people of the rest of the country. The -based on seafood- cuisine plus the variety of scented spices, especially peppers are the essential part of this unique food culture.

Moreover, the Indian community who lived in Hormozgan province for years has affected the local cuisine enormously. Several bread types and local foods such as Hawari and Pakora have been inspired by Indian ways of cooking; even now most of the spices are imported from India.

Apart from being a trade route, Hormozgan also witnessed the exchange of races and cultures which has given birth to unique cultural treasures! Hospitable Bandari people’s features resemble faces from the northern lands, Africa, Arabia, and India. This itinerary could be a magnificent choice for experiential travelers interested in full immersion in matchless cultures…

Women Solo Tour to IRAN

Solo female travel is rising strongly and women all over the world are searching for the best destinations to travel alone and make the most of solo traveling. The most important factors are comfort and safety when we, women, decide to explore other locales and cultures alone. So, can you imagine solo female travel in less-traveled paths such as IRAN? A country where has been accused many times by international media of not to fulfill safety standards…

Visiting the tourist areas where people speak English and the travel services can be booked via international websites is getting easier day by day, but what if a woman prefers to take the extra challenge and experience more pure cultures and non-touristy communities? places where organized tours are mostly dominating…At friendly Iran, we have tried our bests to provide Iran women solo travelers with a specific half-organized tour package that covers the classic route and its highlighted attractions plus a paradise for solo female travelers, Hormoz Island, where you can set up your private camp on its colorful beaches. Hormoz is also a desired destination for Iranian girls who have started to travel alone. In this tailor-made Iran Tour, you can find the best stops, activities, and experiences for a female solo traveler.

Despite all western media, based on hundreds of opinions, Iran is one of the best countries for female travelers to travel alone and also the best option in the Middle East where solo travelers and backpackers can experience its rich history, mouthwatering food, its unique varied landscapes and also ski resorts. Iran is a destination with friendly people where it is so easy to meet and make local friends for a more immersive cultural experience; so, solo travelers can have a true experience of everyday Persian life, eat like the locals, sleep like the locals, participate in activities like the locals… Compulsory Hijab is one of the issues which prevents female travelers from adding Iran to their bucket list, but surprisingly most of the travelers have different ideas about it. Here you can check out a foreigner’s detailed view on the Islamic hijab in Iran.

9 Days Exceptional Iran Tour for Hong Kong People

Shocking Iran tour package from Hong Kong, visit Iran must-see attractions and experience Persian culture only in 9 days. This perfect road trip of classic travel destinations is combined with distinctive joyful adventurous and nature excursions and it is the top selection of Hong Kong travelers.


Iran Visa for Hong Kong Passport Holders:

Iran visa for Hongkong Administrative Passport holders is not required. People of Hongkong are allowed to stay in Iran for 21 days per entry.


Iran Visa for Multi-National Hong Kongers:

Dual passport holders will need to travel to Iran with their valid Hong Kong passport; otherwise, their visa status relies on the passport they are holding through the Iran tour.


Best Flight to Iran from Hong Kong:

Qatar airways hold the best connection flights from Hong Kong to Tehran, the price is reasonable, the timing is pretty good and the service is amazing!

We give the best ticket offers from Hong Kong – Tehran for groups, check out more information with our travel consultant.

Road Trip UAE to Europe Across Iran

You may have thought about a motorcycle road trip from Dubai to Europe or cross Iran by car, besides your personal reasons, I should say this is a brilliant idea to explore Iran and enjoy the variety of landscapes, such as sand sea deserts, all around mountains, nomads by the road, Hyrcanian forest by the Caspian sea and also the colorful mountains of Aladaghlar!

This itinerary is written for the road adventurists tempting to enjoy their ride visiting Iran natural and cultural beauties mainly on road. More city tours and historical sites visit can be added by your request to our travel experts.

Is it possible to cross Iranian borders with a private vehicle?

Yes! Generally, you can drive through Iran by car and pass Iran borders, the International driving license and carnet the passage are necessary in the first place! Obviously, you also need visa approval (or other inquiries related to visa, Iran Visa Ultimate Guide)

How to drive to Europe by car (from Dubai/Sharjah)? Is it safe?

One of the safest ways to reach Europe by car (from Dubai/Sharjah) is crossing Iran and avoiding unsafe roads in nearby countries.

How to get a ferry to Iran? How to ship a car/bike to Iran?

Weekly Ferries from Sharjah to Bandar Abbas and Dubai to Bandar Lengeh are popular ways to get to Iran by motorcycle and car. Valfajr is a shipping company that offers motorbike and car transportation to Iran. Consult with our trip advisors about the departing and arrival time of ferries, you can also book a ferry ticket to BandarAbbas and Bandar Lengeh online by us. Since the trip from Sharjah and Dubai to Bandar Abbas and Bandar Lengeh takes about 12 hours, you may need to add an overnight and start your first-day tour after a sleepover.

The Perfect Road Trip through Iran in 7 Days

Road Trip in the Middle East has lately inspired classic car drivers and motorcyclists! The usual path is arriving in Iran from Turkey, Azerbaijan or Armenia border and driving out from Bajgiran (Iran-Turkmenistan border). Since most of the Convoy passing through North Iran has a limit of time, we’ve written the main itinerary in only 7 days! You can add days to visit more of Iran and have extra excursions to other cities.

In-Depth North-West Iran Tour from Hong Kong

This private in-depth tour in Persia is customized for Hong Kong people, who are fond of exploring less popular, yet amazing attractions in the north-west of Iran.

Breaking news of: “Hong Kong passport holders can travel to Iran without Visa” surprisingly made trips Hong Kong-Iran much easier by dispelling all visa application hassles. 21 days stay per each entry is gifted to our beloved guests from HK.

Iran Tour for Austrians

Austria is a peaceful country with nice residents and Iran-Austria relation has been always friendly. Here is a tour based on Austrian special interests. This is a round trip tour, we can modify the route and make it an open-jaw tour. you can start your tour from Tehran and end it in Shiraz, Isfahan or Tabriz.

Iran Tours in Classic Cars

The history of the Iranian car industry dates back to the 1960s when Iran decided to produce its own cars. First Cars produced in Iran were called Peykan, Aria, Shahin, and Jian.
Pack your Jeans and Leather Jacket! Put on your hat and we’ll rock and roll in the Iran Classic Tours with Classic Cars. What can be more exciting than meeting Classic Car Club members, Arranging a Classic Car Show, and go for a ride with your requested classic car?

We had the honor to host Mr. José A. Penteado Vignoli and his wife, from Brazil, who is an expert in Brazilian classic cars.

A Kid-Friendly IRAN Tour for Families

There is no time like family time!

Friendlyiran team offers Iran family tours and all-inclusive vacations with kids in traditional and non-traditional routes for both first-time and second-time Iran travelers. 


Iran Escorted Tour for US citizens

Iran has been one of the safest travel destinations in the Middle East specially for Americans, Canadians, Europeans and Brits!

This tour is specially organized for British, American and Canadian Clients who seek Escorted Iran tour package with qualified services for the 2020-2021 holidays.

Besides the best price tour packages that FriendlyIran offers to its client, you can travel in the low seasons, and get even more discounts.

Full-time Guide & Driver !



Iran Round Trip

A Different Experience of Traveling to Iran!

Exploring the desert, Trying the Persian Culinary Courses, and many more beautiful details. Make your decision to know more about Real Iran, Persian Culture, and Live like a local…

Feel free and leave arrangements to us.

2 Weeks Classic Iran Tour

In two weeks it’s possible to see the jewels of Iran’s rich history, but you’ll need to keep moving.

Start in Tehran and spend two days seeing the sights, including the Golestan Palace, the Treasury of National Jewels and Grand Bazaar.

Drive to Kashan, where you can explore the bazaar, check out the Qajar-era traditional houses and chill out in the Fin Garden.

Make a pit stop at the mosque and tomb in Natanz en route to architecturally magnificent Isfahan and spend three days exploring the blue-tiled mosques of Naqsh-e Jahan (Imam) Square, the bustling Bazar-e Bozorg, the sublime bridges across the Zayandeh River and the Armenian community at Jolfa.

Head to the desert trading city of Yazd for three days wandering the maze of lanes, gaping at the Masjed-e Jameh (Jameh Mosque) and climbing to the Zoroastrian Towers of Silence.

For a change of pace, stop in the desert village of Fahraj before spending a day visiting ancient Pasargadae and Persepolis on the way to Shiraz.

Spend two days in Shiraz, where you can see the Zand-era gardens and bazaar, and wander the old city.

Fly back to Tehran.

Golden Triangle Iran Tour

Iran All Inclusive Tour 12+1-Day Persia Journey

Iran All-Inclusive Tour is a great opportunity to visit the different parts of Iran and experience various kinds of accommodation spots in less than 2 weeks. Visiting Iran new attractions in addition to the main Iran highlights will give you a chance to enjoy the diversity of a magnificent destination.

Pre-booking all the services will relief you from all the hustle and bustle of travelling among a foreign country. We are trying to include the qualified services in our all-inclusive Iran tour with the best possible rate.

Join us for a great adventure in Persia

Iran Tour Package for French Nationality

As French people are art and nature true lovers and Iran is the birthplace of literature, specific Persian gardens and unique Iranian Islamic architecture and moreover is a 4-season land, for sure, is a wonderful destination for French nationals. This itinerary is arranged due to French interests.

Moreover, for French citizens, the visa code is free on tour and the Iran visa process is too easy.

Christmas Holiday Tour to Iran

Iran is one of the travel destinations for Christmas. Every Christmas Iranian-Armenians celebrate the new year with families, friends and tourists who are interested to join. Here we offer a mix tour to Iran Attractions and History, and an introduction to Iranian Culture in celebrating Christian New year.

8 Days Summer Vacation in Iran

Traveling to Iran in summer can be so exciting and fun if you choose the right destination and tour. Generally, the classic route of Iran is not best to be visited in Summer, but the west and northern part have very nice weather during summertime. This can literally mean it is a high season for north and west of Iran!

This 8-Day tour is our suggestion for those who like to discover Iran in the summer. It’s a combination of nature, culture and historical places. If you like you can add some adventure-nature spices, like boat riding, visiting Kurdestan stepped villages and etc.

8 Days Iran Budget Tour & Cheap Travel Package


There are lots of frequent or solo travellers interested in travelling on a budget. Iran is among the cheapest destinations in 2021-2022 due to its currency rate. Your Iran daily costs won’t be expensive at all. Here you can find one of the best Iran budget tours which can be also customized based on your budget!

We are trying to suggest best ways to have an Iran tour with lowest possible cost based on our experience as a local counsellor with just a few small changes in your tour services and reducing the cost of travel to Iran without reducing quality or missing any highlights.

So, if you like to cut down the expenses of your Iran travel, contact us for different cheap vacation packages and try airlines such as Pegasus flights to Iran. This low-cost Iran offer is a private tour; surely you can have a better rate if the group numbers grow.

If you are British, Canadian, or American passport holder, or if you like to have a full-time guided tour with a full-time driver, check out this link: an Escorted holiday in Iran

12-Day Tour in Iran (Must-Visit Attractions of Iran)

Iran Food and Culinary Tour

Persian Cuisine represents various methods of cooking and diversity of fresh ingredients and spices in one of the oldest food cultures; you must try this at least one time during your life! Once tried, then you will always remember the delicious taste!

Iran Culinary Trips are very special food tours with the chance of learning some Iranian traditional cuisine with the ingredients that are either found in your country or you can buy and take them home with just a few dollars :)

Each city, village, and region have its own traditional food and sweets, Different kinds of Stews, Kebabs, Cakes, and Cookies are made in different cities, making each meal unique.

Here you can check more details about Persian Cuisine: https://friendlyiran.com/persian-food-tourism-drinks-and-foods-in-iran/

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