Discover Iran in 21 days-The Best of Persia

Iran, a country in constant evolution, opens its doors to tourism to proudly present its treasures, many of which have been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Thousands of palaces, museums, gardens, caravanserais. The program includes visiting the main historical sites and exploring the Dasht-e-Kavir desert, considered one of the most picturesque areas in the world so that in recent times it becomes part of the trip for most tourists. Few think that Iran is also a seaside destination: with over 1,500 kilometers of unexplored coastline, the coasts of the Persian Gulf are home to a unique landscape, a culture, and, of course, wonderful islands among which two are the main ones: Kish and Qeshm. Qeshm is Visa-free, that is, it is possible to enter this island from a foreign country, without having to apply for the Iranian VISA. Only a passport is needed.

17-day Iran Trekking and Adventure Tour from the Tower of Silence to the Alamut Castle

Iran tour “17-day Iran Trekking & Adventure Tour from the Tower of Silence to the Alamut Castle” specially designed to immerse yourself in the magic of ancient Persia, a place that since ancient times has been the cradle of thriving civilizations that have influenced surrounding cultures and religions. You will discover the ruins of the legendary Alamut Castle in the Valley of the Assassins, the Blue Mosque,  the Tabriz Bazaar (UNESCO World Heritage), and the splendid San Thaddeus church in Maku. In addition to the wonderful cities that have sprung up along the “silk-road”; ShirazYazd, and Isfahan, with their sumptuous buildings entirely covered with precious glazed ceramics. Don’t miss visiting Tehran museums with their priceless collections. 

In an enchanting atmosphere, crossing different landscapes between mountains, desert, and flourishing “Thousand and One Nights” gardens, you can experience the kindness and hospitality of the Iranian people; in a fascinating land rich in history, along the ancient caravan routes.

19 Days Iran Tour “from Western Jewels to The Heart of Persia”

Classic Iran Tour “From Western Jewels to the Heart of Persia” in 19 days organize to discover the most beautiful cities in this beautiful country. Visiting Tehran, the modern capital of Iran, full of contradictions and charm, we will enjoy Hamadan and visit one of the natural wonders of the world Ali Sadr Cave. We will still discover the wonderful archaeological sites not yet touched on the tourist circuits such as Hamadan, Kermanshah, Susa, and Ahvaz. We will visit Choqa zanbil ziggurat (UNESCO Heritage site) built-in 1250 BC by the Elamite king Untash-Gal and dedicated to Inshushinak, the supreme god of the Elamite pantheon and patron of Susa. We will continue with the pearls of Ancient Persia: Shiraz, the literary capital of Persia, the holy city of Persepolis, the grandiose symbol of the Achaemenid empire, the royal tombs of Naqsh-e-Rostam carved into the rock, and the tomb of Cyrus the Great in Pasargadae. We will then discover Iran through the city of Yazd, a stronghold of the followers of the Zoroastrian cult. We will visit the enchanting city of Isfahan with its famous mosques, palaces, and bridges. 

The trip can be performed in all seasons because the climate is dry and continental. You will have the opportunity to better savor the essence of Iran, from its gardens, its architecture up to its numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 19 days.

Travel to an unforgettable Persia, off the beaten track!

3-week Iran Tour for Second Time Travelers: Jungle Trekking, Desert Immersing and Village Hopping

This itinerary focuses on the highlighted attractions surrounding the main Iranian cities, suitable for experiential travelers. From the Northern jungles to the spectacular deserts of Eastern Iran; from national parks to the unknown villages; all are included in a wonderful package for travelers looking for an off the beaten path through the land of Persia.

Starting our journey from Tehran, driving toward Semnan and Damghan the land of qualified pistachios. After a half desertic experience, we’ll drive toward the greenest part of the country, the ancient Caspian Hyrcanian mixed forests date back to one hundred and seventy million years ago. Visiting Nahar-Khoran jungle in Gorgan bounded by the Caspian Sea and enjoying several springs like Sefid-Cheshme and a beautiful river named Ziarat. Locals also coming by to picnic, drink Persian tea or smoke shisha in one of the cozy coffee shops. We will also visit Golestan National Park spread in Golestan, Semnan, and Khorasan provinces which is one of the most important wildlife habitats in Iran; tigers and brown bears are the most important species of this national park.

After the jungle trekking, we drive toward the holiest city in Iran passing a beautiful city named Sabzevar. The holy city of Mashhad is home to the most amazing shrine in the country, Imam Reza Shrine, and attracts the highest number of tourists every year.

Then you discover Birjand, one of the most beautiful cities on the eastern side of Iran. Our journey continues to a place full of wonders date back to the Achaemenid period, the bride of Iran deserts consisting of several tourist attractions. Tabas has beautiful gardens of sour orange, palm groves, and also it is home to historical attractions and monuments. We’ll mostly spend our time in Desert Villages, the best spots to feel the pristine culture and unique rural traditions; Esfahak, Nayband, and Ezmeyghan are the visitable villages of Tabas. Tabas has many other attractions such as Morteza Ali spring where the hot and cold-water springs surprisingly are flowing in one place, the mysterious Kal-e Jeni canyon, Halvan cave, Khan caravanserai, Kurit dam, and Tabas castle.

After an amazing voyage among Tabas desert and enjoying its matchless attractions we head toward central Iran, Khur o Biabanak in Isfahan province, which presents a different view of the desert. the desert of Mesr is one of the hottest deserts in Iran. Alongside the Mesr village, there are other small villages with beautiful sceneries like Amirabad, Farahzad, and Garmeh. We’ll visit Garmeh since it has spectacular characteristics in addition to palm trees, such as Dr. Fish springs with therapeutic fish and lovely guest houses. From Garmeh we’ll drive to Taft, the center of Zoroastrianism where we can also enjoy a different nature including pomegranate gardens.

Our desert sightseeing finishes here and our trip continues with a unique experience in a rocky ancient village near Kerman, Meymand village and afterward going for a completely different experience in Bavanat county with a partly mountainous climate and a beautiful nature where Bavanat farm stays welcome travelers from all over the world to remind them of the nomadic life. After roaming around Bavanat and live like a local we head toward Isfahan and will get close to the departure point!

*Autumn and spring are the best times to enjoy this route and its various sightseeing spots.

Discover Iran from the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf

In this 16 Day Travel, we will show you the unique highlights of Iran from North to the South. The main idea is to visit Nature, Nomad life, handicraft workshops, and also historical and traditional places.

This Tour was written and specialized to our French and Filipino friends, who indeed enjoyed their tour in the best way. They believed they have touched the real Iran culture. If you are interested don’t hesitate to check it out

IRAN Silk Road Tour

Silk Road, an ancient trade network and a herald of the relationship among nations, still has its attraction and charm for modern-day travelers.

Check out “Silk Road” the Ancient Trade Network” blog here.

Five Star Travel and Tours to Iran

An Open-jaw itinerary of the classic route and also Iran’s spiritual center, Mashad. Including the best of services and almost all travel costs, visit Iran without any concern! Everything is arranged and ready!

21 Days Go West Iran Tour for Second Time Travelers

This intriguing meander west is ideal for those who’ve seen the main desert city sights or are confident in navigating through areas often unaccustomed to foreigners.

The route over mountains and valleys boasts nine World Heritage sites.

The remotest sections will require charter taxis. Note that in wintermountain roads can be cut off by snow.

Starting in Tehran, head west to Qazvin and spend the afternoon exploring the historic city, before driving into the Alamut Valley and hiking for two days among the ruined Castles of the Assassins.

Continue across to the Caspian, recovering at a homestay near Ramsar, then onto vibrant Rasht, conquering the mountain fortress of Qal’eh Rudkhan before spending a pleasant afternoon strolling the teashops of photogenic Masuleh.

Forsake the dull coast and jump a savari inland, up through nomad country to Khal Khal, then onto Ardabil to visit the magnificent Sheikh Safi-od-Din Mausoleum.

Savari-hop the scenic back route to Kaleybar via Meshgin Shahr. Climb the breathtaking Babak Castle, then hire a driver for the sublime Aras River Valley to run to Jolfa and the magnificent Church of St Stephanos.

Complete the Armenian church trifecta of Qareh Kalisa and Dzor Dzor Chapel on your way to Maku, via Khoyand Chaldoran.

An easy half day to Tabriz and its bazaar leaves the afternoon for exploring troglodyte Kandovan.

More savari-hopping across high landscapes due south to Takab and the starkly beautiful Takht-e Soleiman, once the world’s greatest Zoroastrian fire-temple complex.

Continue on across the incredible landscape to Zanjan. Hire a driver for the trip to Hamadan via the magnificent Mongol-era Oljeitu Mausoleum at Soltaniyeh and the remarkable Katale Khor Caves.

Check out the BuAli Sina Mausoleum in Hamadan before taking a speedy savari to hospitable Sanandaj.

Spend an afternoon in Palangan before heading to Marivan and the scenic road thru Howraman to Paveh, via Kurdish mountain villages. At Kermanshah, sneak a peak at Taq-e Bustan’s stone carvings and the scaffolding at Bisotun before you cross the mighty Zagros Mountains to Khorramabad and its fortress.

Savari to Shush to wander ancient Susa, then hire a car to the 3000-year-old ziggurat of Choqa Zanbil and the Sassaniancum-Roman engineering of the Shushtar hydraulic system.

Take a savari to Andimeshk and your evening train back to Tehran.

2 Weeks Travelling to Iran from Germany

Iran tour for German citizens is a highly demanded and recommended tour based on our German tourist reviews. This trip covers all highlight attractions in classic routes, from Tehran, the capital, continuing with visit of Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd and ending in Shiraz.

In this tour a Deutsch speaking tour guide will accompany the group/individual clients, sharing very good information about Persian traditional culture, new-brand cultures, History, Architecture and etc.

In case you would like to have English speaking driver-guide, please call for the price.

25 Days Iran Holiday Package in Spring

Desert Camping and Safari Trip in Iran

Friendly Iran Desert and Safari tour is a mix of Cultural, Historical and Adventure Iran Trip. One of the best recommendation for Teens and Children traveling in Iran with Family.
Iran Desert is truly a different destination for travelers who like having fun in Nature. This Iran desert tour by passing through different Desert areas makes a unique experience of desert activities like; Safari, Camel riding, Paragliding, Sandboarding, Buggy driving, Stargazing and camping in Desert.

Iran UNESCO World Heritage Tour

Historical Tour of Iran

Iran historical Tour is a Round Trip to the Unesco world heritage sites in the Classic route and Western Iran.

Since the Itinerary of this Persian history tour is standard and needs a basic energy level, this 16 Days Iran tour is proper for all travelers of all ages.

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