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Iran owns various tastes for travellers going to immerse in the rich culture and seek out authentic experiences. From mesmerizing nature, savoury local dishes, and friendly people to the ancient gems dating back to the thousand-year-old Persian history, Iran has an ocean of treasures to offer. Step in this wonderland and explore its beauties independently or join an Iran tour containing your quests to escape from common experiences. Friendlyiran tries to show the reality of Iran, good and bad; we are walking the talk by gaining the local knowledge of Iran’s history, art, culture, nature, religion and people from the beginning of our lives and importantly having access to the unique suppliers, and by spacing out itineraries we make places for different memorable moments.

We stay connected during your experiential travel through the Persian empire providing in-the-know support. Below you can see the various range of Iran Tour packages helping you decide about your own friendly path.

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Iran Tour Packages 2024 offers

🍽️ 24 breakfast at hotel
from:  $3370
🍽️ 7 Breakfast at the Hotel
from:  $963
🍽️ 6 breakfast At The Hotel
from:  $942
🍽️ 3 breakfast in hotel
from:  $452
🍽️ 5 breakfast
from:  $698
🍽️ 4 Breakfast at the Hotel
from:  $460
🍽️ 7 breakfast At the hotels
from:  $1111
from:  $
from:  $1498
from:  $3146
🍽️ 16 Breakfast/ 5 Lunch or 5 dinner
from:  $1798
from:  $2068
🍽️ 7 breakfast at hotel
from:  $998
from:  $896
from:  $
🍽️ • 4 Breakfasts at the hotel
from:  $477

Iran Tour Price Table

Tour Name Duration Style Start/ Finish Point Standard rate from Single Price
Kish Island Tour from Muscat 🇴🇲 2024 ✈️+🏨+🏖️ 4 days 3 nights Visa Free Kish Island ➡️ Kish Island €689 €0
7-day Iran Nomad Tour of Lorestan and Khuzestan 7 days 6 nights Nomad Adventure Khorram-abad ➡️ Isfahan €738 €105
The Perfect Road Trip through Iran in 7 Days 7 Days 6 Nights Border to border Bazargan Border ➡️ Bajgiran Border €947 €230
North Iran Tour | Caspian Hyrcanian Mixed Forests 7 Days 6 Nights Nature-based Tehran ➡️ Tehran €792 €193
A Kid-Friendly IRAN Tour for Families 14 days 13 nights Kids Tehran ➡️ Shiraz €1354 €398
Iran Escorted Tour for US citizens 8 days 7 nights Easy-peasy! Tehran ➡️ IKA €1036
Iranian Saffron Farm Tour 3 days 2 nights Red Gold Birjand ➡️ Birjand €144 €0
2 Weeks Classic Iran Tour 14 days 13 nights History and Culture Tehran ➡️ Tehran €1474 €400
Iran All Inclusive Tour 12+1-Day Persia Journey 12+1 days 12 nights All-inclusive Tehran ➡️ IKA €1778 €371
8 Days Iran Budget Tour & Cheap Travel Package 8 days 7 nights Let's go! Tehran ➡️ Tehran €552 €129
Iran Food and Culinary Tour 9 days 8 nights Culinary Shiraz ➡️ Tehran €1105 €295
Desert Camping and Safari Trip in Iran 18 Days 17 Nights Desert Lovers Shiraz ➡️ Tehran €1434 €432

Best of Iran Family Tours & Vacations

Isfahan & Kashan 4-Day Tour

Kashan is an amazing destination for its ancient beauties plus the surrounding beautiful villages and small cities.

Budget Friendly
A Kid-Friendly IRAN Tour for Families

Tehran >Kashan >Abyaneh >Isfahan >Nain >Yazd >Abarkuh >Shiraz
This is an Iran family tour with kids in traditional and non-traditional routes for both first-time and second-time Iran travelers. 

Cultural Tours
8 Days Summer Vacation in Iran

Tehran >Hamedan >Kermanshah >Khorramabad >Tehran
Iran is a 4-season country and this 8-Day tour is our suggestion for those who like to discover Iran during summer. It’s a mix of nature & cultural/ historical places.

Iran Adventure & Ecotourism Tours


Iran Tour for Austrians

Tehran >Tabriz >Shiraz >Yazd >Isfahan >Kashan >IKA
Austria is a peaceful country with nice residents and Iran-Austria relation has been always friendly. Here is a tour based on Austrian special interests.


North Iran Tour | Caspian Hyrcanian Mixed Forests

Tehran >Sangdeh >Bastam >Bandar Torkaman >Behshar >Noshahr >Chalus >Tehran
An eco-tour to Caspian jungles in North/ East Iran. Discovering the Natural gems of the Hyrcanian forest, Light trekking, and Camping.


Iran Nomad Tour

Shiraz >Sepidan >Yasuj >Shahrekord >Isfahan >Abyaneh >Tehran
In this tour, you will visit nomads and stay in the local houses.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Iran Tour

12 Essential things to know about traveling to Iran in 2021,  the best time to visit Iran, the top 10 places to visit, update dress code for tourists, Coronavirus travel restrictions, and other important information all in 12 questions and answers!

The best time to visit Iran is from 10th March to the 20th of May and from the 22nd of August to the 22nd of November! In these 2 periods, the weather is great to travel all around Iran and enjoy the best tour ever!

Tip: If you want to do Iran tour early spring and early autumn, better to book your Iran tour services at least 3 months in advance.

Tip 2: To have some special experiences in Iran, such as doing ski, touring Islands, and doing a trip to the desert, there are other best times available! Please consult with us via WhatsApp or mail!

When is the cheapest time to travel to Iran?

During the hot weather from June to mid- August and from December to January, you can book your hotel up to 50% off! Then you can book the cheapest Iran tour package!

Tip 3:

This summer and winter best sale doesn’t apply to all destinations in Iran! For example, the best time to visit Tabriz and the north of Iran is summer, so during summertime, the hotels in Northern Iran are having a high season! However, in southern Iran and the desertic area, the weather is so hot that the hotel prices are almost half price! 

This will be almost inverse in winter! Best offers of Tabriz tour and cheap travel to the North of Iran are possible during winter, meanwhile, southern Iran and desert cities do not have the lowest rates!

Book your Iran hotel online and hassle-free, here! 

Iran is famous for its friendly people, culture, and history! Once your Iran tour is finished you will find yourself admiring Iranian hospitality, the unique culture of Persia, and the great history of ancient Iran!

  • Persepolis; The Achaemenid series of palaces, made for holding Nowruz festivals! 2500 years old and 1 hour away from Shiraz!
  • Naghshe Jahan Square; Also known as Imam Square/ Shah Square in Isfahan! A precious complex of mosques, bazaar, and palace from the Safavi dynasty- around 400 years old!

Imam mosque/ shah mosque and sheik Lotfollah mosque are two of the most gorgeous mosques not only in Iran but in the world! They are well-known for their beautiful tiling and architecture!

Aliqapu palace is another lovely mansion of Naghshe Jahan square, the only place you can visit an adorable music room!

Esfahan Bazaar all over the Imam Square makes the sight twice beautiful! Also is a great chance to buy handmade!

  • Golestan Palace of Tehran; A unique palace complex, in which 9 kings have had crowning ceremony! The complex was founded by Safavid kings, mostly developed and finished in the Qajar dynasty! Later Pahlavi Kings held their crowning ceremonies in Golestan palace as well!
  • Nasir Almolk mosque; famous as a pink mosque or rose mosque, is a stunning must-see sight in Shiraz that fascinates all tourists! The seven-colored tiles and colorful glasses of the main hall in the pink mosque have made this place a great spot for photography!
  • Imam Reza shrine; Imam Reza is one of the most beloved Imams by Muslims and his shrine is also one of the most beloved destinations in Iran! The shrine and Goharshad mosque next to it enchants everyone!

However, since Imam Reza shrine locates a bit far from the classic tour route of Iran, people visit Fatima shrine in Qom or Shah Cheragh shrine in Shiraz instead.

  • Lut Desert; lately added to UNESCO world heritage site in Iran, Lut desert is one of the greatest spots you can visit in Iran. It’s highly recommended to visit Sand domes, Shahdad Kaluts, and the cultural sites around it, such as Bam citadel, Rayen citadel, Shazdeh Garden.
  • Hormoz Island; Locating in the beautiful Persian gulf and right in the neighborhood of Qeshm Island, the Hormoz small Island definitely worth visiting! The island is so small that you can walk around it in a day, but it’s so beautiful that you will never get tired of it!
  • Yazd city; the yellow scene of Yazd city with the wind towers on top of roofs, the companionship of Muslims, and Zoroastrians with the spice of culture and art will find it’s an immortal place in your heart!
  • Villages! One of the affecting experience in Iran is visiting village life and dealing with local Iranian people. Uramanat Takht near Kermanshah, Ardekan village near Shiraz, Taft village near Yazd is a few places that you can get to know the pure Iranian lifestyle.
  • Hyrcanian forests; the Northern part of Iran has been always famous for its mesmerizing green nature! From Gilan to Mazandaran and Gorgan provinces, the southern part of the Caspian sea is home to the Hyrcanian forests of Iran. The most recommended spot in the Hyrcanian forest to visit is the Sangdeh, Rash jungles near Firuzkooh, the Rudkhan castle, and the Arasbaaran protected area.

The price for 8 days private Iran tour is about 590 Euro per person. The tour services are a full time tour guide, private transportation, budget accommodation from Tehran to Tehran, and a domestic flight.

It’s for sure possible to have a discount and book your Iran tour at a cheaper price, but you can never tell how much you can bargain till the time that you confirm the tour package booking contract.

If you are a first-time traveler, we suggest you have at least 8 days for a round trip in the classic route. 8 days is enough to visit the most remarkable sights in Tehran, Kashan, Abyaneh, Esfahan, Yazd, and Shiraz.

By adding 3 more days you will make it to visit Kerman, Ahwaz, or have an excursion to North of Iran.

You can stay 30 days in Iran with a tourist visa! By taking the chance of all these 30 days, you can visit almost all Iran!

There are 5 simple routines to plan your travel to Iran;

  • Ask for Visa required documents and time. (based on your nationality)
  • Choose the travel date; check the best flight to Iran that matches your holiday.
  • Check out the tour packages and find the best package based on travel time and duration.
  • Find the hotels and accommodation that would make your stay enjoyable.
  • Ask for a quotation and book your tour package in advance!


Iran is one of the safest destinations for solo travelers, backpackers and hitchhikers! This is indeed part of the Iranian culture that everyone feels responsible for each other safety and comfort, so you would be treated as a guest in Iran. People may frequently ask you if you have a place to stay, if they can accompany you to a place or if you like to join them for a meal!

Iran is pretty safe, however, it’s recommended to follow some tips:

Tip 1. Respect local beliefs! Especially in small cities, villages, and sacred places.

Tip 2. Try to not walk around alone after 9-10 pm.

Other small tips; Use signed taxi, don’t get lost, connect with trustworthy locals through Instagram or couch surfing

Each one of them has its own benefits!

Iran Private Tour benefits:

  • On a private tour, you will have flexibility in changing the plan, as far as your accommodation and time limits don’t get affected.
  • A private tour gives you a chance to have unique experiences! Such as being invited for dinner by a Persian family!
  • You will save more time on a private tours and visit more places.

Iran Group Tour benefits:

  • Although the private tour of Iran is pretty cheap! But the Group tour will be even cheaper!
  • The companionship of other travelers can make the road trip much fun

Good News! FriendlyIran makes especial experiences like joining a family for dinner, learning new art like calligraphy, and enjoying every wasted moment possible!

  • Have a Culinary Course!

Persian food and cuisine have worldwide fame and learning to cook one or two Persian dishes would be fun and a good memorial from Iran!

  • Visit Nomads or Village people!

Local people in villages and nomads have preserved their old culture and visiting them will make your vision of Iran more realistic and pure.

  • Go trekking!

Iran is filled with beautiful mountains and only on a daily excursion, you can go trekking and enjoy nature.

  • Take a daily train to the north from Tehran and back!

The raja tourist train has a golden route from Tehran to Sari, in between you will pass from the desert part of Garmsar to the green nature, visiting the old rail system in Iran which is a masterpiece of its kind!

  • Visit Desert, Camp, and Safari!

Iran is famous for its desert! It’s not to mention that the variety of deserts in Iran attracts millions of tourists per year. Safari in sand domes or between Shahdad Kaluts, camping under the clear sky full of stars and even camel riding can make a huge difference in the general satisfaction of your Iran tour.

Almost all nationalities are allowed to receive Visa on Arrival!

American, British, Canadian Passport holders should apply for a visa and receive the paper visa/visa stamp in advance before arrival.

People from Pakistan, Sierra Leon, Nigeria, and Bangladesh are allowed to apply for VOA, but we do recommend these nationalities to receive their visa in advance.

Israel’s passport is not valid to travel to Iran.

The Coronavirus outbreak has changed daily routines of service providers in a good way, such as hotels, transportation services as well as restaurants. Hygiene protocols are followed strictly to lower the risk of getting coronavirus.

However, the Covid-19 situation and the affected number show that Iran is not safe to travel yet! We recommend travelers to consider traveling to Iran at least after November 2020.

The top 5 most famous foods in Iran are as bellow! It’s almost impossible if you travel to Iran and don’t try these foods!

1. Kebab Koobideh! Almost known as lamb kebab is one of the favorite options for non-vegetarian tourists! Almost everywhere in Iran you can find Kabab Koobideh, even on the roads!

2. Rice with Barberry and chicken! Barberry is one of the specialties of Iran and you should try the Sauer-sweet taste of it. This food is also served in most traditional restaurants in Iran. 

3. Hamburger or pizza! Not the traditional food of Iran, but in Iran you will find delicious Hamburgers with unique sauce and tasty American/ Italian style Pizza!

4. Tahchin! A rice cake, with lamb or chicken, flavored with saffron! Delicious, Traditional, and Healthy!

5. Dizi! Or Abgoosht! Unique food that you can’t find easily in other lands! Dizi is a traditional food and best served in stone pots! The process of making dizi is fun and it tastes like heaven! 

Direct link to Iran Food Guides:

Check out the top 10 food you must try in Iran, here

If you are vegetarian don’t miss our General Guide to Visit Iran as a Vegetarian!

A general guide to Iran Food and cuisine; Iran Food & Drinks Guide

Travel to Iran during Ramadan Food Guide!

Edgar Mariscal
Edgar Mariscal
Professional and friendly travel agency | 12-05-2022
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Is a great travel agency, professional, helpful and they care about you. They helped me to solve VISA issues and some other services quickly. The staff is smart and friendly. Son una agencia profesional y dispuestos a ayudarte con cualquier detalle en tu viaje. Su personal es calificado, amable y con alto sentido de servicio...Recomendado!
Rossana Espinoza
Rossana Espinoza
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Samane is definitely the best. She took good care of us. Anything we needed, any questions and recommendations, she was always responsive as if she was family. We were very sad saying goodbye to her. We highly recommend Friendly Iran, the service they provide is top quality.
David Dancey
David Dancey
A very helpful travel company whose… | 10-05-2022
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A very helpful travel company whose efforts made our trip seem effortless We received a great deal of help in terms of planning, booking, getting visas, and everything else we could hope for in visiting Iran. Samane could not have been more helpful. Mr. Deghani was a fascinating guide and driver, and Mrs. Golestani showed us the stories of Persepolis and Shiraz perfectly. All in all, everyone made our trip to Iran we shall remember fondly for a lifetime.
Mommynya Delisa
Mommynya Delisa
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I was using friendlyiran service when I was in Iran.. I went khorasan province to see saffron, It was wonderful experience and they are very helpfull and professional, they help me to arrange hotel visa etc.. I strongly recommend... 👍👍👍❤️❤️
Friendly Iran ticks all the boxes. | 22-11-2021
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In April 2022 we visited Iran. Our experience from the time I contacted Friendly Iran agency to the time we caught the flight back from Tehran, was truly exceptional. I happened to deal with a very professional, prompt and candid person ( Ms Samane) behind the desk who helped us in planning the trip, getting the visa codes, arranging hotels , transportation et al and finally providing probably the best guide ( Mr.Amir) for the tour. ... Date of experience: April 2022
Vince Perfetto
Vince Perfetto
Friendly Iran ticks all the boxes.
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ositive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value I 100% endorse Friendly Iran! Samane was so kind, patient, and knowledgable! Friendly Iran helped me design my month-long, 6,400 km road trip in September/October 2019. They found the perfect tour guide, whom I consider a new, life-long friend! If you're looking for a tour company you can trust, it's Friendly Iran!
Eleni P
Friendly Iran - best Iranian travel agency! 22-06-2022
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We visited Iran April 22. We had a 20 days trip from Tabriz to Shiraz, organized by Friendly Iran. Everything was perfected from communication before the trip up to the end of our journey. Samane is a wonderful young lady very professional, helpful, friendly, responding on the spot in every query we had. She help us planning a wonderful trip. Hamid our tour guide and Mohamed our driver were beyond expectation!!! Our experience with Friendly Iraan was exceptional!!!
jean louis J
On the top ! wrote a review Aug 2022
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On the top ! I would recommend strongly “ Iran friendly “. I found it by chance on the web to get a visa . But then I used the services of Samane to book hotels , bus , guides and drivers . Each time it was perfect . I have had to change some of my plans once in Iran and Samane reacted very well and she had been of great help . It was also a pleasure et o deal with such an helpful lady . I take also the opportunity to recommend the Abbassi palace in Isfahan which is a wonderful place to stay in .

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