Discover the rich heritage in Nomadic life

Overview: If you’re one of those who have chosen to travel to Shiraz with a leisurely approach, allocate a day to a unique experience. I invite you to experience the joy of a nomadic life for a day. Nomads are a group of people in Iran who, by preserving their traditions and culture, have preferred a nomadic lifestyle to settlement. They move across the ranges and heights of mountains in search of favorable weather conditions and suitable pastures for their livestock, adapting to changing climates.”

“Nomadic life is a culture that requires mastery of countless skills to live in it. These are the people who provide much of their life’s necessities themselves. So, join us to learn these skills and live in this culture.”

Pottery Training Tour in Shiraz

The art of Pottery has a remarkable place in Iran’s history. According to the earthen dishes and statuettes excavated in different ancient places since 8000 BC pottery has been made in Iran, places like Teppe Sialk in Kashan, Susa, Teppe Marlik in northern Iran, and also Jiroft in Kerman.

Khayyam, the famous Iranian poet has used Potter, Pottery workshop, and Pot as the symbols of God, the universe, and humans in his quartets, presenting pottery as a very important element in Iranian culture. The following Robaei (quartet) is one of the most famous ones:

در کارگه کوزه ­گری رفتم دوش

دیدم دو هزار کوزه، گویا و خموش

از دستۀ هر کوزه، بر آورده خروش

صد کوزه­ گر و کوزه ­خر و کوزه ­فروش

In Modern Iran, many people are still busy with pottery as their job or as entertainment. In Lalejin or, the capital of pottery in Iran, located 20 km northwest of Hamadan, hundreds of earthen dishes, glazed in different colors, are produced every day. In Meybod which is a desert city near Yazd, the pottery dishes are ornamented with beautiful patterns like the sun, little birds, and fish and in Sistan-Baluchistan potter women paint geometric and abstracted patterns on their pottery dishes. In other provinces like Qom, Minab, Shahreza, and Bandar-Abbas you can find people who are busy with pottery. Although, in recent years many pottery workshops were closed in facing technology and modern life.

Join us to experience making pottery with your hands and learn lots of amazing tricks or, as we call it, Foot-e Kooze-gari.

A Day Trip from Kashan to Abyaneh & Natanz

The beauty of Persia takes your mind without you realizing it and when you realize it, its image has already crept and fixed itself in that personal gallery of places that each of us jealously preserves in the depths of our souls.

Iran is also known for its beautiful gardens with lush greenery. One of the oldest existing in Iran today is the Fin garden, located in the city of Kashan. In keeping with many of the Persian gardens built towards the end of the sixteenth century, the garden of Fin will surprise you with its water features. These are fed by a spring located on the hill behind the garden, and the water pressure is such that it can feed a large number of pools and fountains without the need for mechanical pumps. The garden also contains numerous cypresses and combines architectural features from the Safavid dynasty, the Zand dynasty, and the Qajar dynasty.

Just a little more than an hour’s drive south of Kashan is the historic village of Abyaneh, off the main road. Because the houses were built entirely from red bricks and mud, it is also called the “red village”.

Natanz is a village located in the Iranian desert not far from the great western mountain range and is a destination rarely included in tourist itineraries in Iran, but no less interesting.

Kashan City tour in 1 Day

Kashan is the epitome of all that is essentially Persian – a city of mosques and caravanserai; carpet and ceramics; bazaars and gardens. Archaeologically the area has been shown to have been inhabited since the 4th millennium BC, Tappeh Sialk.

Kashan One-Day Tour

If you want to discover the glorious past of ancient Persia up close, a visit to Kashan is ideal for a fascinating travel experience. The old town still has all the characteristics of the desert architecture, here with a connotation of great splendor. In fact, the most beautiful and sumptuous private residences have been restored in Kashan. The style is mainly Qajar, with mirrors, colored glasses, extraordinary stuccoes, internal courtyards and domes embellished with paintings and impeccable geometries. All built with that ancestral architectural wisdom which, respecting the environment, and with the use of contemporary materials, allows you to live in cool and breezy homes even in the hot summer climate of the desert.

Kish Island Tour from Muscat 🇴🇲 2024 ✈️+🏨+🏖️

Travelers from all over the world can plan a vacation in Kish Island with a direct flight from Muscat, Oman.

Kish Airline operates one flight weekly from Muscat to Kish on Wednesday. The distance between Muscat and Kish Island Airport (KIH) is only 553 km which takes about 1 hour.

The Free-Zone of Kish, located in Hormozgan province, is famous as the Persian Gulf Gem and Iran’s most plush beach. This island brings forward a mixture of modernity and tradition, along with the modern shopping malls and elegant beaches such as Mir Mahna, Marjan, Fisherman, and Simorgh beaches, there are numerous historical attractions and various things to do in Kish Island such as water activities, 4 x 4-wheel Safari, and visiting Harireh village or Kariz underground city! Among all, Kish Water Adventures is the most popular and fun thing to do, for all ages. All these activities can be experienced at a reasonable price since Iran Rial has devaluated recently.

What makes Kish different from other cities in Iran is its famous Nightlife. Kish is alive every night! In addition to enjoying lovely nights at the beautiful coral beaches, you can join Iranian travelers in many cool night events and festivals. Different groups run night shows in Kish from 24:00 till 03:00 am, such as Puzzle show, Dynamit Show, leiyzer Show, golden night show, and Irania show where comedians are performing stand-up comedy and fun programs, plyers are playing live traditional music, and magicians are amusing people with many amazing tricks. The other interesting experience could be participating in an Iranian Concert, kish is the best city to make this happen…

One of the most adorable activities in Kish is Biking around the island. Kish bike-path goes through different and beautiful beach parks, fast food and café courts where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a yummy pizza; nearby the green tree park you will arrive in Harireh ancient city, keep cycling and after the Kolbe Hoor lantern you will reach the wreckage of Greek ship. Along the way, the coconut trees, seashells, and turtles, different kinds of birds and also Maral red deers make your journey pleasant and joyful.

2-day Iran Rafting Tour from Isfahan

Rafting is an adventurous recreational activity on different degrees of rough water. Features like teamwork and dealing with risk are making a challenging environment for participants of this vibe experience; so, it can be a great extra exciting activity on a cultural Iran journey. River Rafting has risen to a popular sport/hobby among youngsters all around the world, although it doesn’t have a long history and has been included in the 1972 Munich Olympic Games for the first time.

In Iran, rafting is a new sport, but it has attracted many enthusiasts in just a few years. The most important reason is that Iran owns two famous mountain chains named Zagros and Alborz with lots of rivers; so, the natural condition provides the possibility of rafting in dozens of thrilling rivers all around the year. This Iran tour takes us to one of the famous rivers in Iran for rafting, the Armand River in Chaharmahal-Bakhtiari. The standard rafting trips started on this river in 2008.

Armand-Rood is the source of the Karun River located in the south-west of the country. This 20-km long river has waves of 2 to 4 levels of difficulty; so, everyone from 9-99 years old can go to this beautiful area located in the Zagros Mount. Chain for river rafting trips. While rafting, you can also enjoy the beautiful landscapes and villages on both sides of the Armand river.

The required equipment for rafting tours and qualifications of the river guides are essential. With no training, experience, or proper equipment, the river may be difficult and also dangerous; but, the overall risk level on a rafting trip with experienced raft guides using precautions is low.

You can mix your Iran Rafting Tour experience with many more different tour packages, such as

Kish Ocean Water Park

Ocean Water Park is one of the must-try activities on Kish Island. The ocean is Irans’ first outdoor water park with great facilities and the environment makes an amazing time for its guests.

The park contains more than 10 different rides, 4 swimming pools, and a spa and it’s a place for all ages.


Kish ocean water park is gender-separated and you need to check out female and male sessions in advance.

Luxury Yacht Charter in Kish – Rent Your Boat for Holidays

Merry Fisher 695 Marlin is an excellent yacht for dreamlike fishing and sailing. Charter your private boat and sail the Persian Gulf for the next holiday.

Marina Kish Sports Club is the best place for chartering boats in Kish. Moreover, you can add sea tours, fishing and different kinds of water activities and sports.

Private Boat Dinner Cruise Kish Island

A romantic afternoon in Kish! The smooth wave sound and a pleasant wind going through your hair, a tasty dinner, and the perfect sunset view before your eyes, all on a fancy boat!

An intimate experience and the best thing to do in Kish for relaxing and for lovers!

Snorkeling in Kish Island

Breathe underwater and enjoy observing marine plants, fishes in different colors, stunning coral reefs, and simply endless blue!


Scuba Diving in Kish

Discover the underwater world, swim to the land of corals, crabs, starfishes, tulips, ornamental and edible fishes!

Stunning diving experience in the Persian Gulf with excellent diving lessons and equipment.

Book Luxury Yacht Kish Island

Whether you are planning your holiday or weekend in Kish Island or you’ll visit Kish for business, the yacht ride in the Persian gulf with all those colorful fishes and beautiful corals makes your day!

Luxury Azimut Yacht Rent in Kish Island

Sail on blue seas on a luxury boat! A fabulous adventure for families and children! Full of fun and joy!

luxury Boat riding of Kish is the number one fun on the island, the best for kids under 10 years old, senior travelers, and even couples who like to just relax and seize the moment!

Catamaran Sailing Adventure in Kish Island

A catamaran is a boat-shaped two-hulled watercraft that sails with wind power. When the wind is blowing through the hulls, the catamaran is controlled by adjusting the sail clothes and challenges your dominance and speed.


Parasailing in Kish Island

Experience flying over the seas!

One of the most fun experiences in Kish is parasailing! Exciting and relaxing at the same time! In Parasailing, also called Parakiting and Parascending, you’ll be tied to a parachute and pulled by a powerful boat until you soar above the sea.


Kish Island Kayaking Tour

A famous Marine fun that always was received well by the tourists. A wonderful option for a peaceful afternoon on the sea!

There are places to do kayaking far from waves and enjoy your kayak time for hours. The Kayaks are in three types of paddle Kayak, pedal kayak, and paddle-pedal kayak.

Stand Up Paddle board in Kish Island

There is no wonder that the paddle board is one of the most popular water sports! It’s so easy to learn and extremely relaxing!

Enjoy every little wave and paddle while standing on the board in a calm sea. If you are not a fan of speedy sports, a paddleboard is a great choice for you.

Iran Farmhouse vacation

How many times have we dreamed of life, or at least a few days, away from the frenzy and the gray and dull buildings? The time has come to escape from the city and leave for a holiday in nature, where you can rediscover the flavors of the earth, the breathtaking views, and the stars that light up the night. How to do it? With a farm holiday!

Do you want to know the principles of slow food and live an eco-sustainable holiday? Or spend a weekend in contact with nature and in the name of wellness? We have an amazing tour for you for your next organic experience…

I should mention that as we have tailor-made experts, we can add these two days in nature to most of our tours so you can experience a cultural tour as well as an eco-friendly tour in one package! If you want to know more about farm stay in Iran and also about rural tourism in Iran visit our pages.

So contact us to arrange your rural trip to Iran according to your desire!

Ashura Tour in Yazd

The cultural event of Ashura which occurs during the month of Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calendar, is one of the biggest events in the world of Shi’a Muslims. It is the mourning anniversary of the death of Husayn ibn Ali, the grandson of Muhammad, in the Battle of Karbala on the 7th century BC. The known image of Muharram can be defined in black mourning clothes and black and red flags spreading all over the streets and mosques. Various rituals are held in different parts of Iran such as Taziyeh: a theatrical rebuild of the Battle of Karbala, Noha: lamentation, Nakhl-Gardani: carrying a wooden Palm tree called “Nakhl” on the shoulders of hundreds of mourners symbolizing the coffin of Imam Hussein, and carrying Alam on the streets and offering free food called “Nazri” to the mourners and also the poor.

The most important days during Moharram mourning ceremonies are Tasua (9th of Muharram) and Ashura (10th of Muharram) as being the days of Imam and his family’s martyrdom. This mourning in commemoration of Imam Hussein has become a tourist attraction in UNESCO city of Yazd where the ritual of Nakhl-Gardani is held very glorious beside the other rites. In addition to Yazd, the neighboring small cities like Zarch, Taft and Ashkezar are also holding this ceremony during Ashura. After Ashura and even to the end of the next lunar month, grief ceremonies are held at different times. Experiencing Ashura in Yazd is a very special experience for experiential travelers.

Take a break, sit back and relax, while we take care of your travel arrangements. Choose from a range of our tour packages, whether with inclusive flight tickets or without. Our custom-tailored packages guarantee an unforgettable experience with memories to cherish.


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