Ashura Tour in Yazd

The cultural event of Ashura which occurs during the month of Muharram, the first month of the Islamic calendar, is one of the biggest events in the world of Shi’a Muslims. It is the mourning anniversary of the death of Husayn ibn Ali, the grandson of Muhammad, in the Battle of Karbala on the 7th century BC. The known image of Muharram can be defined in black mourning clothes and black and red flags spreading all over the streets and mosques. Various rituals are held in different parts of Iran such as Taziyeh: a theatrical rebuild of the Battle of Karbala, Noha: lamentation, Nakhl-Gardani: carrying a wooden Palm tree called “Nakhl” on the shoulders of hundreds of mourners symbolizing the coffin of Imam Hussein, and carrying Alam on the streets and offering free food called “Nazri” to the mourners and also the poor.

The most important days during Moharram mourning ceremonies are Tasua (9th of Muharram) and Ashura (10th of Muharram) as being the days of Imam and his family’s martyrdom. This mourning in commemoration of Imam Hussein has become a tourist attraction in UNESCO city of Yazd where the ritual of Nakhl-Gardani is held very glorious beside the other rites. In addition to Yazd, the neighboring small cities like Zarch, Taft and Ashkezar are also holding this ceremony during Ashura. After Ashura and even to the end of the next lunar month, grief ceremonies are held at different times. Experiencing Ashura in Yazd is a very special experience for experiential travelers.

2 Days Eco-Friendly Tour in Ardekan

Sepidan County, the center of waterfalls and springs, locates in south Iran, just 1 hour from Shiraz. By having a beautiful nature over the year, people in Shiraz reported that Sepidan is the first destination that comes to mind for the weekend and short daily excursions.

From spring to the winter, there is always something exciting to do in Sepidan. Walking in the flats and gardens full of blossoms in spring, Water trekking, and pic-nic by Waterfall in summer, enjoy the colorful nature of autumn and ski in winter; these are only a short description of nature. Beside what Sepidan natural world provides for you, the people and nomads in Sepidan are also famous for being welcoming and warm-blooded.

In this tour, we are trying to show you beautiful landscapes of Sepidan and Moar gardens, having local meals and visit villages around and based on time Nomad.

This tour matches travelers seeking adventure and local experiences. Horse-riding, music, and camping can be arranged based on request.

Note: In this tour, considering human responsibilities for the environment and preserving nature, we will use no plastic, and everything is arranging by tour guides and garden owners of the Local community.

Surf in Blue Persian Enamel Art

Enameling is a Persian art with thousand years of history, which was first invented to decorate old dishes. This handicraft is an art of drawing individual patterns on metals like copper, silver, and gold. The base color of dishes usually is blue, which is to remind people of the sky, but other colors like red and green are used as base occasionally.

Today, the center of Mina-kari or Enameling is in Isfahan; still, in other cities, so many people do this art for their interest or as a job.

You can know more about the history of Mina, the history of patterns, the theory of colors, and also how to make a Mina in a short half-day tour either in Esfahan or Shiraz with an English-speaking guide.

Based on time, we can organize a small course of learning Enameling art with a master.

Exceptional Culinary Course in Shiraz

Knowing Persian Food recipes is not enough to make delicious food!

Each food in Iran has its own trick!

This day tour is the best place to know how to make Persian food like Moms! Let’s learn the magic of Persian cuisine, how to use the spices, different ways to make dishes!

This course will be run in the English language and starts at about 9 am and finishes at 4 pm.

Culinary Day with Persian Nomads

Laying hands of love on Mother Nature

After the pandemic, there have been many changes in people’s lifestyles and it has led us to eco-friendly tourism. These global changes would be a good opportunity for you as a responsible traveler to make it happen in all parts of tourism.

As we want to have a role in this new generation of tourism, our company is trying to convince our passengers to be accommodated in the local houses. This way, both of us can support rural families and the local community.

Moreover, you will have the chance to stay in a rural house and experience a villager life.

While you are walking in the alleys of the village face the locals who like to invite you as a friend or a family member to their own home. When you enter their home at midday, a home filled with the smell of the local food cooked by a local woman in Copper dishes.

In most rural houses, you can find a girl or woman who weaves carpets. Many stories behind each carpet were inspired by the inner feelings of the weaver at that moment.

The home appliances you see there most of whom are handmade. Also, there is some furniture that is designed with colorful natural fiber textiles that are called Jajim.

Discovery Nomad Tour with Qashqai Tribes

This 30 hours Tour nearby Shiraz is a unique journey with a real concept of Nomad life in Iran.

What an irony it is that Persian Nomads which are known as “the most spectacular attraction of Technology Age” are living without any kind of technology!

Far from the city facilities and all the pre-made products, Iranian nomadic Tribes live on their own in un-settled tents with no electricity, water, and gas pipeline! Twice a year after winter and summer, they immigrate to the better climate regions with all their properties and their animals like goats, herds of sheep, birds like chickens, dogs, horses, and donkeys. Can you imagine how difficult would it be to carry all your belongings and walk for miles? And assume there are elderly people, sick people, pregnant women, and children in the tribe as well.

By taking care of their needs on their own, like consuming the mountains’ herbals, the meat of their animals, self-made medicine and hand-made clothes, rugs, and food, Iranian Nomads are the most independent societies in the world.


Nomadic Iranians live in different tribes, e.g. Qashqai, Bakhtyari, Shahsavan, Kurds, Turkmen, etc. and they have distinguished summer/winter quarters, language, and clothing, culture, and festivals. 

Moreover, Persian Nomads are preservers of ancient Persian culture, traditions, music, handicrafts, and foods. In this tour, you will be familiar with all these aspects of the Qashqai tribe’s lives.


Who are Qashqai tribes? Qashqai tribe are Turkish- Iranian people who used to be the first power in south Iran from early times. Qashqai tribe, being one of the most populated tribes in Iran, are famous for patronizing their traditions and ceremonies. Qashqai is a fan of partying and celebrations in large numbers. They play music, dance, smoke water pipes, drink herbal tea, eat delicious kebabs, and chat with each other from evening till night.

More than all other Iranians with different origins, Qashqai people are genuinely hospitable. They devote everything they have to their guests’ comfort. 


This day tour with supporting the local community and considering the expenses to preserve the environment is the right choice for Eco-Friendly Travellers and Responsible traveling.  

3-Day Ancient Tour of Susa & Shushtar

3-Day Ancient Tour of Susa & Shushtar

This short trip to one of the world oldest civilizations is a mixture of historical sites of Susa and Shushtar and cultural experiences. Touring Ziggurat Dūr Untash was made in the Elamite dynasty by the order of Untash Napirisha the king. This historical site was made for the worship of Inshushinak the god of the time. Visiting the remaining of Chogha Zanbil (Door Untash Ziggurat) will be a great experience to know how 1250 years B.C look liked. We’ll also visit the brilliant Sassanid masterpiece which was invented to get more use of Water, the Shushtar Hydraulic System.

Beyond the historical and ancient sites, the people in south Iran, like Ahwaz and Dezful are more warm and hospitable and meeting them will add a value of knowing more of Culture to your trip.

The base city of this tour in Ahwaz, the tour will start and finish there and includes 3 nights overnight in Ahwaz.

Ahvaz as the capital city of Khuzestan province, has a daily direct flight from/to Tehran and some flight to Shiraz/ Mashhad/ Tabriz/ Rasht/ Sari / Assaluyeh / Bandar Abbas / Kuwait and also Dubai in the week. Contact our tour consultants and agents to have an update of direct flights and trains to Ahwaz.

Yazd in One Day – Must Visit Highlights with a Professional Tourguide

24 hours touring in and around Yazd, is a package of great experiences in a very short time. This tour starts before sunset and finishes after sunset on the next day, spending the night in a beautiful traditional house or caravanserai.


Tehran and Qom Pilgrimage Tour

Friendly Iran can offer you the best of Iran pilgrimage travel packages.

Our Iran religious tours grant the visitors an enjoyable experience that they will remember for years. As we present the pilgrims with high-quality services, we can arrange a comfortable and memorable holy trip for you.
If you need a visa to visit Iran, you can obtain either Iran Tourist visa or Pilgrimage visa to join our pilgrimage tour. The process of obtaining both kinds of visas are almost the same, and you can check to get the Iran visa process here.

Accordingly, the most important difference is that the Pilgrimage visa is cheaper. On the other hand, once you enter Iran with a pilgrimage visa, you can only visit the Holy Shrines and Muslims’ Sacred Places.

Persian Food Tour in Tehran

Either you are a cooking lover or a foodie one or even a person who is curious about new things and experiments, this tour is for you. Iran’s culinary culture is rich and there are many secrets behind Persian cuisine.


3 Days Eco Tour from Isfahan

Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province located in the southeastern part of the country is famous for the highest waterfalls and lushest plains, rivers, spas, and beautiful oak jungles. As not being included in the classic route of Iran, sometimes it can be hard for foreign travellers to explore the area. This multi-day tour gives you the opportunity to add some adventures to your Iran visit.

Tehran 3-Day Tour

If you are interested in observing the beating heart of Iran’s metropolitan capital beyond its tall towers, huge concrete structures, and heavy traffic, Tehran city tours allow experiencing the Tehran local lifestyle, besides visiting the main attractions of the city.

3-Day Tour in Tabriz with Expert Guides

In the north-west of Iran, Tabriz area holds an old history dating back to thousand years ago and it’s still one of the capital cities of Iran.

In a very short distance with Tabriz, Kandovan village is one of the first lodging spots. This village is a hand-made cliff dwelling in volcanic cone-shaped stones from seven thousand years ago and still in use by local people.

During all these years so many interesting places were built in and around Tabriz which are highly praised by locals and Tourists.

In 3 days mixture tour of Tabriz, you will have a great concept of the tourism treasury in East Azerbaijan. This daily tour package of Tabriz includes a full-day walking tour in Tabriz city center and two days excursions heading to the Jolfa region and Kandovan village.

Varzaneh Desert Tour from Isfahan

Day trips from Isfahan are very famous for Iran travellers because of the different highlights which surround this metropolitan. Desert sightseeing is one of the first options Iran travellers always consider. Varzaneh desert is the nearest place we can have a true desert experience when we are in Isfahan or Yazd. April, March, October, November and December are the best times to visit Varzaneh desert.

Varzaneh is one of the oldest civilizations, about 5000-years-old, shaped near the famous river named Zayhande-rood. Since the desert is very close to Varzaneh village and it takes only 10 minutes to get there, it’s one of the safest deserts and the most accessible one you can spend amazing times and make a unique experience out of it. Different activities and experiences are also available such as sand-boarding, camel riding, quad biking, paragliding, stargazing, zip line and much more.

Sleeping a night in Varzaneh desert can also be a unique experience for desert lovers. There are different choices to spend a night there such as Traditional guesthouses, Caravanseray and even Camping.

Mashhad 3 Days Tour

Visiting the holy city of Mashhad is a journey to the pilgrim center of Iran. The tour to the northeast of Iran and visit Mashhad’s attractions is an ideal complement to your trip to Iran and can be arranged by air from Tehran or by direct flight from your country. Mashhad daily tours are great options to visit the highlights with the help of a local professional guide. 

One-Day Religious Tour in Mashhad

The capital of Khorasan, in the northeast of Iran, Mashhad, which was an important center of the Silk Road during the Mongol kingdom and under the Safavid dynasty, and today is the second most populous city in the country. Its expansion began after the martyrdom of the eighth Imam of Shia Islam Reza occurred in 818 and, at the “haram”, the sanctuary that commemorates Imam Reza, is “holy city”. The tomb of Imam Reza, is the most sacred place in Iran and every year attracts millions of pilgrims. Mashhad daily tour is a great option to visit the highlights with the help of a local professional guide.

Isfahan One Day Tour

Isfahan is a populated modern city in central Iran designed with matchless samples of Iranian-Islamic architecture from the Safavid Era, include different types of amazing domes, unique tile works, frescos wall paintings and Persian calligraphies. Isfahan daily tours are great options to visit the highlights with the help of a local professional guide.

Length: 10 hours

Transport: walk, public transportation

Start point: Shohada Metro Station

Finish point: Naghsh Jahan Square

Attractions: Jame mosque of Isfahan, Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Shah mosque, Aliqapu Palace, Sheikh Lotfollah mosque and Qeisaieh bazaar

Tehran One-Day Tour

Tehran, the most populous city of Iran, is the civilized capital.

The population of the city is about 15 million. This is a modern, splendid, lively, vibrant destination in Iran. In Tehran one-day tour we cover some of the significant monuments that are located in this city.

Shiraz Mixture Tour in 10 Hours by Experienced Locals

Shiraz or Shar-e Raz means the city of secrets is one of the most popular destinations in Iran and famous for its nature, literature, and culture. Here is a 10-hour exploring the city of love.

Length: 10 hours

Transport: walk, drive

Start point: Lotf Ali khan Zand Street

Finish point: Adabiat intersection

Attractions: Nasir al Molk mosque, Narejestan-e ghavam, Vakil traditional Bazaar, Zandiyeh Complex (Citadel, and Mosque), Hafez tomb and Ali-ebne Hamzeh holy shrine

3 Days Kerman Mixture Tour

Kerman, being a gem in the Lut desert, is one of the popular Iran destinations. This city locates in the southeast of Iran and is the closest capital city to Bam, Meymand, and Shahdad desert.

We suggest you this 3-day Kerman trip to visit Kerman attractions and enjoy the highlights nearby. This tour starts and finishes in Kerman and is editable based on your preference.

Take a break, sit back and relax, while we take care of your travel arrangements. Choose from a range of our tour packages, whether with inclusive flight tickets or without. Our custom-tailored packages guarantee an unforgettable experience with memories to cherish.


Our visa experts ensure seamless and timely processing of Iranian visas. From tourist and  visas to  for permanent residents and business, we provide end-to-end services tailored to your specific needs.